Teeth fixed to perfection

Treatment: Dental hygienist (clean)
Provider: Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest
Date: Oct 2014

At the beginning – to be quite honest -  I was very skeptical, in fact,  it took me a few weeks to gather the courage to contact a foreign dental clinic in a foreign country. As I live and work in Zurich, and I don't have the right financial status to get my teeth fixed here, I had to make a decision. I used to smoke a lot, so I knew, I had to face a long and - in terms of Zurich – very expensive treatment process, that is why I had no other choice but to look for alternatives. One day, while doing my research on dental clinics abroad, I came across the advertisement of Helvetic Clinic, a Swiss-Hungarian dental clinic in Budapest. My first thought was that I didn't have the slightest idea what to expect of a place like Hungary regarding their healthcare. I have to say, even though I had no other possibilities, I was a bit afraid of having a medical treatment in a country, where I had no idea about how high the standards regarding hygiene were.  I have of course already heard lots of good things about Hungary itself, the nice countryside, their unique cuisine, and the fantastic thermal baths, but I really did not know what to expect of a dental clinic there. Now, a week after my last treatment, I am almost speechless! I would never-ever in my life have expected just what I experienced at Helvetic Clinics in Budapest during my stay! I was greatly surprised on having met a lovely, young, and at the same time absolutely experienced and highly educated staff regarding as well the specialist and their assistants, as the interpreters, the receptionists at the desk, and the chauffeur, surrounded by a welcoming, relaxing, and at the same time very lively atmosphere, which  nonetheless was as hygienic, as possible! Swiss standards combined with Hungarian hospitality! No wonder I had one of the nicest experiences within healthcare so far! Needless to say, the final result of the work done on my teeth by such a great team is just indescribable... Perfection itself! (Steven, 43, Zurich)

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Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest
Dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary
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