Cosmetic surgery abroad : Patient stories

If you are considering  cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery abroad, then why not find out about other people's experiences of treatment overseas. These patient stories supplied by our featured hospitals and clinics provide examples of the kind of cosmetic surgery and treatment for which UK patients have gone abroad.

They are real stories of real people. Each story provides an indication of how much the surgery would have cost in the UK, and what was paid for cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery abroad.

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Rhinoplasty and chin implant in Slovakia Nose reshaping
Before Tamara had her procedures done, she had been very self conscious of her profile. She thought about it all the time, and felt that she was flawed.

Liposuction in Belgium Liposuction
"My name is Petra Ketel and I have two sons of 3 and 4 years of age. Having two pregnancies so close together is an assault on your body. Just before the birth of my second son my mother died. All in all it was a very difficult time.

PIP implant replacement at Elyzea in Belgium Breast enlargement
"At the age of 19 I decided that my chest was not going to get any bigger without any help - I began researching companies and finally decided on a UK company.

Breast uplift with implants at Wellness Kliniek in Belgium Breast uplift
I would definitely recommend the Wellness Clinic in Belgium to anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery. My breast uplift with implants has had such a positive impact upon my life. It has literally given me a new lease of energy and filled me with confidence.

Face lift and rhinoplasty in Turkey Facelift
Ms Joanne Baum, aged 43, from Luton went to Turkey for cosmetic surgery and paid a third of the price that she would have paid in the UK. She heard about cosmetic surgeon, Nazim Cerkes, via a Turkish friend and when she wanted to have some surgery herself she looked him up on the internet.

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