Cosmetic surgery abroad : Patient stories

If you are considering  cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery abroad, then why not find out about other people's experiences of treatment overseas. These patient stories supplied by our featured hospitals and clinics provide examples of the kind of cosmetic surgery and treatment for which UK patients have gone abroad.

They are real stories of real people. Each story provides an indication of how much the surgery would have cost in the UK, and what was paid for cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery abroad.

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Tummy tuck in Mexico Tummy tuck
I feel compelled to recommend working with Andres Jurado, for any medical tourism needs, as he took such great care of me! I travelled to Cancun to have a tummy tuck.

Breast uplift and liposuction in Cairo, Egypt Breast uplift
Bridie, a community midwife who is single-handedly raising three teenage children decided to have a breast lift with implants, liposuction to her thighs and inner aspects of her knees, plus vaginal tightening.

Breast enlargement with great results at the Ocean Clinic Breast enlargement
After hearing praises about the Ocean Clinic and seeing the results first hand, Laura underwent breast enlargement performed by Dr Kaye at the Ocean Clinic in Marbella.

Blepharoplasty with excellent care at the Ocean Clinic Eyelid reduction - Upper and Lower eyelids (Blepharoplasty)
After having problems with fat deposit under her eyes, Signe underwent an upper and lower eyelid lift and correction of her lower eyebags, performed by Dr Kaye at the Ocean Clinic in Marbella, Spain.

Breast augmentation with Anatomical (teardrop) 400CC implants in Belgium Breast enlargement
Hi, my name's Linda, I've recently been to the Elyzea clinic in Brussels for breast implants. Following, my operation Dr Glasroth asked me if I wouldn't mind writing a few words with regard to my experience. Which of course I do with pleasure!

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