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An opportunity to learn at Muscat Eye Laser Center in Oman

Provider: Muscat Eye Laser Center
Date: Jul 2023

Visiting German doctor, Dr Johanna Furst talks about her two week internship at Muscat Eye Laser Center in Oman.

"The black doors slide open, I enter in a cool, clean room and I look into the friendly smiling face of a woman who is standing behind the reception desk. “Salam alaikum,” she says “and welcome to the Muscat Eye Laser Center. May I help You?”

These were the first impressions of my two weeks of internship in the MELC, in the sultanate of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

I was looking forward to learning more about ophthalmology but I did not expect it to become so interesting. Every day I could join one of the doctors who are mainly from Colombia or the Philippines and have an outstanding education in eye medicine. They explained a lot to me although they had to see a lot of patients every day. I especially appreciated their drawings to make some things more clear to me and sometimes the doctors also showed me videos or presentations about different techniques to do surgery. It was very helpful that I could practise using the slit lamp and so I got the feeling of how I have to turn on the lights and how I have to move the different devices.

Apart from that I was allowed to go to the surgery room so I could learn more about laser treatments. The MELC provides their patients with the highest technological standard in ophthalmology and together with the skills of the doctors, the patients can expect perfect results. In the field of refractive surgery, this center is one of the leading clinics in the Arabic world and the doctors regularly take part in international conferences. They also do scientific work and have a lot of publications.

I also enjoyed getting an interesting insight in the Omanese culture by observing the interaction between the patients, their relatives and the doctors.

Of course, the whole staff also told me a lot about their experiences and they come from all over the world. So, it is a multicultural team and I had the feeling that it also helps to create this special feeling of openness, respect and tolerance.

In conclusion I can say that my interest in ophthalmology increased during the two weeks of internship and I am very grateful towards the doctors and the staff that they have provided me with this unique chance!

Thank You, Schukran or Muchas Gracias!!!"

Muscat Eye Laser Center
Laser eye clinic in Muscat, Oman

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