Weight loss surgery for diabetes in Estonia

Treatment: Gastric bypass
Provider: Bariatric Services
Date: Jun 2016

July 30, 2012

Aleksanteri, aged 35, talks about how weight loss surgery at Bariatric Services in Estonia successfully treated his diabetes:

"My history began 5 years ago when I was 30 years old. Early in life I was an active man and went in for sports a lot. There was nothing to pay much attention to except athletic injuries. My height is 199 cm and weight early in life was just about 105 kg what was ideal in view of the height.

Since my 30 years, problems with health began to arise little by little. The first symptom was an increase of blood pressure and weariness. During the following couple of years, the weight gradually began to increase and health got worse. When the weight came to more than 125 kg, I decided to do something in order that the weight would decrease. I went to a doctor of diabetes. After a realized analysis, it had been found that blood sugar was out of norm and an urgent treatment was needed. It was 3.5 years ago and I was prescribed the peroral drug therapy. However it did not achieve expectable results, the health got worse still more, the weight increased and there was severe fatigue. The blood sugar was not stable, it varied all the time within the limits from 8 to 15. During those three years, I additionally tested various diets, significantly changed my customs to take meals but everything was useless. A year ago the matter went so far that I was diagnosed diabetes of the second degree and prescribed insulinization. At that time I thought that there was no more salvation and everything went to death. I had to administer injections of insulin with various actions 5 times a day. Volumes were astronomical. During that year the weight reached more than 145 kg. Variation of the blood sugar forced to eat and the health did not allow it to continue in that way. I gave up everything as lost and lived with the attitude “I live until I live” as some doctors told me.

I met with my good acquaintance and friend who told me about the operation which yielded very good results in case of such a disease and such symptoms. I got to know that bariatric operations were made in Tallinn and decided to go to a consultation. Having listened to a doctor, I quickly made a decision. I thought that I was given a new chance; there was a sensation of beginning of the new life hope for which should be seized.

My operation was carried out by Dr Ilmar Kaur in Tallinn in the beginning of 2012. From the moment when I emerged and got to know that everything was OK, I had not to be disappointed with anything. When I had the operation, I weighed 143 kg and administered the injections five times a day as before. From the first day after the operation, I had not to administer the injections any more and take other medicines (reducing blood pressure) except vitamins. The blood sugar was within the limits from 4.2 to 6.3 what is very good showing and at present the weight has been reduced up to 120 kg. I feel well and it seems as if I were born again. Helpings of my meal decreased noticeably but quality, undoubtedly, became better. I can eat so frequently as I want and the blood sugar does not force me to eat any more as it was in the past.

I visited my doctor of diabetes. After receipt of answers to new analyses, he said me that I was healthy and had a wonderful improvement! It seems to be a wonder but it is my reality. Everything seems to be excellent to a person who reads this letter but it is a matter of fact. For the present moment, I am very happy and satisfied with this result.

Once again, I would like to thank Dr Ilmar Kaur, who was my surgeon and advised me this operation. I thank everybody who encouraged me and helped me. You should believe, wonders are not disappeared and chances are always available.

I wish You every success!"

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