Gastric sleeve surgery in Estonia

Treatment: Sleeve gastrectomy
Provider: Bariatric Services
Date: Jun 2016

A.A. from Norway travelled to Bariatric Services in Estonia for gastric sleeve surgery in January 2016

"I started to look into bariatric surgery for a while ago until I finally got the courage and went to my local bariatric clinic to the info meetings and even made an the pre-appointment meeting with the surgeons, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, etc that would have been in charged of my surgery. I felt more like a cow in a slaughterhouse than in a clinic and took the decision to do it, so I spoke to my GP and asked me of how much was I going to pay for and he recommended me to look abroad, and I did. After an extensive look all over Europe I decided to go with Bariatric Services in Tallinn Estonia. Merle (patient coordinator) answered every single email with all my questions that I asked and those where she didn’t have an immediate answer got me back the day after with the answers after consulting with the rest of the bariatric team. When all my questions were answered I made the decision to go with Bariatric Services.

Merle met me at the airport, took me to my hotel and picked me up at the hotel the day after and we went to the hospital where I had my own private room and toilet, wifi, tv, etc; there, I had my tests done by fully capable nurses and met Dr. Ilmar Kaur, my surgeon. We went through the details of the surgery (including the bad and ugly), and I’ve got sleeved that evening. Some part of my decision was that my surgery had to be done at a hospital (North Estonia Medical Centre) in a big city and not a clinic 2 hours away from a city just in case there is an emergency.

The nurses took care of me amazingly. Every time I needed help they were there, and even if their English language is not perfect (like mine) there were never any misunderstandings nor lack of communication, and Dr. Kaur visited me every single day of my stay of four days in Tallinn twice per day to check on me. Also RN Kristel Janvest followed me up with my diet plan and life style change every day as well.

I’m three weeks out of my operation and even though it’s really recent I couldn’t wait to write a review for Bariatric Surgery. Merle is still checking on me and reporting my amazing recovery back to Dr. Kaur and RN Janvest…. And… I’m down on my meds!

I’m really grateful of this whole experience, and so far… one of the best decisions that I’ve taken in my life!"

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Bariatric Services
Weight loss clinic in Tallinn, Estonia
4.90 out of 5 (16 reviews)

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