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Kreativ Dental Clinic will be appearing on Sky television within the documentary series "HOW TO... Plan for your retirement" during October and December 2012. Showcase TV® will be screening the documentaries on Sky channel 191 and Freesat channel 400.

The documentaries provide guidance and advice to viewers on just about everything they will need to know in order to plan their retirement, from finances to retirement homes, holidays, healthcare, fitness and wellbeing, recreational pursuits.

In the featured Dental Tourism episodes the “HOW TO” team travel to Hungary to investigate the growing trend of dental tourism, talking to leading experts, reviewing the latest techniques and treatment options, and hearing from patients who have undergone treatment at the Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest.

Kreativ Clinic owner, Attila Knott said, “Dental Tourism was invented some 10 or 11 years ago due to the increase in demand from countries such as England, Ireland and Denmark. More and more people started to arrive at my clinic and the demand was for cheaper but still high quality dentistry. In 2002 I established our first dental agent in the UK, then came Ireland and Denmark today we have agents in 11 countries. Five years ago we moved into our new clinic which specialises in high quality dental treatment abroad. I like this profession, I like the challenge and the people we meet from all over the world”

The dental tourism documentary will be screened on the following dates on Sky channel 191 and Freesat channel 400…

Tuesday - 09th October 2012 7.30pm

Sunday - 14th October 2012 6.00pm

Tuesday - 04th December 2012 7.30pm

Sunday - 09th December 2012 6.00pm

If you do not have Sky or Freesat you can watch the documentaries live online at


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Kreativ Dental




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