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A new technique which dramatically increases the chances of getting pregnant with IVF is now available in Spain. IVF Alicante is the first clinic in the country to implement Eeva (Early Embryo Viability Assessment) which being hailed as the future of reproductive technology. Researchers expect current IVF success rates to double because Eeva allows for any chromosomal abnormalities – responsible for 70% of miscarriages - to be picked up. This means only the healthiest embryos are implanted.

Eeva or’ Time lapse imaging’ is a non-invasive test to assess the viability of embryos without damaging them. Traditionally embryos are taken out of the incubator, observed under the microscope and assessed according to appearance. However this grading, performed up to six times a day over a five-day period by embryologists, has limited accuracy due to its subjectivity. ‘Time lapse imaging’ allows thousands of photographs of developing embryos to be taken without them leaving the incubator. It monitors their speed of development, discarding those who are too slow to reach critical stages. It can thus pinpoint the ones least likely to carry chromosomal abnormalities. More than 50% of embryos contain chromosomal errors which is the leading cause of IVF failure. Most affected embryos won’t implant in the womb and if they do they can result in miscarriage. Eeva also provides valuable and objective information for the IVF team on the ideal time to transfer embryos and which ones to freeze.

Experts are saying Eeva could bring IVF success rates up to 70 or 80%, making it the biggest fertility breakthrough in decades. It is an exciting leap forward in the analysis of cell division and embryo development. It also offers hope to older women who are often told their eggs carry more abnormalities after the age of 40.

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IVF-Spain is modern, patient-focused infertility clinic in Alicante, Spain. Offering a full range of fertility treatments including natural cycle IVF, ICSI and IMSI, the clinic has an emphasis on the international egg donation programme and specialises in special IVF cases such as recurrent miscarriages, implantation failures and genetic diseases.

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