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A wide range of treatments are available to help patients in their recovery from illnesses, diseases and injuries using stem cell therapy.

The developing medical tourism sector offers patients in the UK stem cell therapy  treatments in relaxing and restful settings.

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Stem cell clinics offering Treatment Abroad

Infinity Clinic

Kiev, Ukraine

Licensed by the Ukrainian government, Infinity Clinic in Kiev specialises in regenerative therapy and preventative treatment using fetal stem cell treatment. A pioneering centre with the largest bank of fetal stem cell suspensions in the world, the clinic provides a range of services and treatment programmes in the fields of anti-ageing, management of different diseases and conditions, and sports rehabilitation.


Brno, Czech Republic

Stem Cells 21

Bangkok, Thailand

StemCells 21 in Thailand, aim to provide safe and effective stem cell therapy in an attempt to combat a range of degenerative diseases and conditions. The treatmetns they offer are: anti-aging treatments, neurological treatments, vision and hearing treatments, immune disorder treatments and joint, back and pain treatments.

Unistem Biosciences Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi, India

Unistem Biosciences provides a full spectrum of stem cell solutions, from research and therapy to the preservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord for personal and public use. As a biotechnology company at the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine, Unistem is dedicated to the science of stem cell therapy by developing technologies and protocols for safe and effective utilizing adult stem cells derived from the umbilical cord. The Unistem team comprises of senior doctors, clinical research scientists and stem cell experts.

Blue Horizon Stem Cells

Malacky , Slovakia

Blue Horizon Stem Cells is a provider of revolutionary stem cell therapies at their state-of-the-art clinic in Slovakia. They offer stem cell therapy treatments for both adults and children to combat a wide scope of degenerative diseases, injuries, congenital defects and autoimmune disorders, some of which include, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, infertility issues and much more.


Basel, Switzerland

Based in Basel, Switzerland, and with clinics in Cologne and Kandern in Germany, VIMED CELL offers anti-aging stem cell therapy to reduce the effects of biological aging. The VIMED CELL complex therapy provides a general revitalisation for the whole body, which results in increased vitality, higher levels of activity, the stabilisation of mental power, and the strengthening of the immune system and resistance to disease.

Hilu Stem Center

Marbella, Spain

Hilu Stem Center in Málaga, Spain, performs stem cell extractions and implants. These are regenerative and are extracted from the patient’s own calcaneus bone, which does not cause any discomfort at all, as it is performed with local anaesthesia, providing sufficient replenishing adult stem cells, enabling the patient to leave the hospital on their own feet. They treat illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, regeneration of either bones or cartilages from the locomotive system and so on.

Regen Specialist Centre

Petaling Jaya , Malaysia

Regen Clinic specialises in regenerative, Anti-Aging

Switzerland Hospital and Medical Group

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Switzerland Hospital and Medical Group in Cuernavaca, Mexico offers the latest regenerative medicine treatments and techniques from Dr José Arturo Miranda Nava, MD, a Medical Specialist in Longevity and Aesthetics with over 41 years’ clinical and research experience in the field.


Mumbai, India

Rejuvenesse is a private clinic in Mumbai, India, that specialises in non-surgical regenerative therapies. Marrying science and clinical care, the clinic provides highly effective non-surgical care aimed at stimulating and rejuvenating the body’s own cells to allow a long-term healing effect

Relife International Medical Center

Beijing, China

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic (UCTC)

Kiev, Ukraine

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic (UCTC) in Kiev is a leading stem cell clinic offering advanced and patented methods of fetal stem cell treatment from an experienced and pioneering team. Having treated over 6500 patients to date, including cases that had previously been considered hopeless, the clinic combines fetal stem cell transplantation with the latest conventional therapies to manage a wide range of conditions including acquired and hereditary diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, conditions associated with ageing, diabetes and AIDS/HIV.

Integra Medical Center

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Integra Medical Center with Dr Omar David Gonzalez as its medical director and founder, has been a pioneer in the design and application of perinatal stem cell therapies for many years. He is currently seeing patients from all over the world who are looking for an affordable and effective Perinatal Stem Cell therapy. He also provides ambulatory Cosmetic Surgery and other Longevity treatments.

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