When Is The Best Time For Surgery?


Whether you’re thinking of going under the knife for medical or cosmetic reasons, taking into account the time of year can greatly affect your recovery period. When most people consider cosmetic surgery, they immediately think of scheduling a procedure during the summer months as they can flaunt their new assets via short sleeves, tank tops, shorts and skirts. However, studies have shown that there are more advantages to scheduling a surgery in the cooler autumn and winter months. Why? Let’s find out.

It’s Easier to Avoid the Sun

We all know the damage the sun can do to our skin on a day-to-day basis, never mind when your skin is trying to recover after surgery. Surgeons and doctors have implied that prolonged exposure to the sun can increase surgery recovery time as the skin takes longer to heal, is more prone to infection and the chances of scarring increases.

Going under the knife during the winter months provides the benefit of shorter days and longer nights which means that if you do need to leave the house, you’re exposure to the sun is lessened and the sun that you are exposed to is weaker than during the summer months.

Sweater Weather

With autumn and winter comes cooler weather and this is a great time to schedule a surgical procedure as you can use all those bulky sweaters to conceal any bruising and swelling that might occur after surgery. You can also use this as an excuse to break out all those purposely ugly Christmas sweaters early and start getting into the festive mood!

Another reason to schedule surgery for the cooler months is that cold weather promotes blood circulation in the face and body, decreasing inflammation and swelling, which will aid in your recovery from those bruises and swelling that may occur after surgery.

Embrace Your Inner Hermit

People tend to be less active during the winter months – their schedules are less jam-packed with social activities making it easier to clear their schedule, which in turn makes it easier for them to hole up at home to rest and convalesce. You can also take advantage of the longer holiday weekends and periods during winter time so you don’t have to miss out on too much work while you recuperate. This applies to your spouse, partner and/or family as well should you need a support system while you recover surgery.

Breathe In That Fresh, Clean Air

Winter time usually means saying a thankful goodbye to poorer air quality and high ozone levels common during the hotter, summer months. The better air quality means that it lowers your chances of infection after surgery and the crisp, cold winter air actually helps to rejuvenate your skin, which speeds up your recovery time.

In conclusion, it’s really your prerogative on when you want to schedule your surgery but as mentioned, there are numerous advantages and benefits to going under the knife during the autumn and winter months. Nobody wants their recovery time to last longer than necessary so why not be more fastidious when it comes to choosing a month and date to schedule your surgical procedure?

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