BMI The Priory Hospital: Gynaecology in Birmingham, UK

The Gynaecology Department at BMI The Priory Hospital in Birmingham in the United Kingdom has an expert team of private gynaecologists who specialise in a wide range of gynaecological problems such as urinary incontinence, cervical and ovarian cancer, heavy periods, endometriosis and fibroids.

Gynaecology at BMI The Priory Hospital in the UK

The Priory Gynecologists provide rapid access to investigations and treatments. They are backed up by a dedicated support team who have access to the very latest diagnostic equipment.

Gynaecological problems afflict most women at any age from the late teens through menopause and into old age. It may not be serious, and may only surface periodically, but it can still affect quality of life and ability to do everyday things.

Many of the West Midlands’ leading Gynaecologists and Gynae-oncologists elect to work at BMI Healthcare, enabling The Priory to treat the broadest range of patients of all ages with all major conditions related to gynecology.

The specialists at The Priory will help you decide on the most appropriate type of treatment for you, depending on your symptoms, your age and whether you wish to have children.

The Priory Gynaecologists work closely with the Consultant Obstetricians at the Priory Fertility Centre and the team from the Priory Oncology Centre. They are also part of the wider Women’s Health services, which includes the Priory Breast Clinic

International patients at BMI The Priory Hospital

Patients from around the globe, whether self-funding or insured, are welcomed at the Gynaecology Department at BMI The Priory Hospital.

Patients travel to the West Midlands for gynaecological and women’s health treatment for the following reasons:

  • Gynaecological treatment back home doesn’t cater for their needs
  • They suffer long delays getting diagnosis and treatment back home
  • Outcomes and success rates are poor
  • Treatment in their home country is too expensive

The International Patients Department at BMI The Priory partners with the principal international health insurers and they also welcome many self-paying patients from overseas.

The Priory Gynaecology Department is popular with women in the UK. Several NHS teaching hospitals are located in the West Midlands region, so the Hospital enjoys the services of a steady supply of highly qualified gynaecologists.

A recent survey of over 4,000 patients showed that over 99% rated their overall quality of care as good, very good or excellent.

Gynaecolology treatments available BMI The Priory Hospital in England

BMI The Priory has state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of gynaecological conditions.

Treatments available:


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