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Why Consider Dubai for medical tourism?

Most people consider medical tourism to take advantage of discount prices in countries where wages are low and the cost of living makes treatments a fraction of the price you’d find at home. They are happy to put up with standards a little lower than they are used to, perhaps in former Soviet republics or developing Asian nations, in exchange for huge savings.

So why would you consider the 22nd most expensive city on the planet, where almost everything costs more? And why would you choose a desert emirate that is several hours flight time from the US or most European states?

The simple answer is pure quality. Dubai has invested in medical tourism like nowhere else, with the Dubai Healthcare City in a class of its own when it comes to cutting edge equipment and state of the art facilities. Medical tourism is a big priority for the Dubai Health Authority, and they are pumping millions of dollars into the sector. The Medical Tourism Initiative, launched in 2012 by the Crown Prince is coordinating the growth of the sector, and just like their tower blocks and hotels, they will not accept second best. They aim to make Dubai the world’s number one medical tourist’s destination in the coming years.

Dubai Healthcare City alone is home to two full hospitals, over 120 world-class medical clinics, cutting edge diagnostic labs and over 4,000 leading healthcare professionals, all housed in a breathtaking 4.1million sq ft location in the heart of Dubai. High salaries and tax-free earnings make a tempting package that is attracting the world’s best surgeons and consultants to the emirate.

Dubai offers a great place to take a break either before or after your treatment, with superb shopping and leisure facilities at every turn. Dubai also boasts a huge range of spa facilities to help you recover and recuperate, with every conceivable style and philosophy on offer, from Thai massage to Turkish baths. Naturally, Dubai aims to be the best at this too, with practitioners recruited directly from the home countries of these treatments.

Dubai may not offer the cheapest option for the medical tourist, but it undeniably offers the very best. From world-class treatments, including both mainstream and niche therapies, to unrivalled luxury in the hotels, restaurants and facilities, there is simply no other medical tourism destination that even comes close to the Dubai experience.

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Reasons to choose United Arab Emirates

  • Medical facilities amongst the finest in the world
  • No expense spared in your comfort and care
  • Government backed healthcare tourism projects
  • Dubai Healthcare City has 4million sq ft of facilities
  • Unrivalled luxury at every turn
  • World-class shopping and leisure facilities