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Why consider Switzerland for treatment?

Lakes, mountains, culture and skiing are all on offer in Switzerland and now the country famous for its neutral status, a cheese with a hole in it and triangular shaped chocolate is a serious consideration for the medical tourist wishing to get some top quality dentistry or elective surgery, and in particular, spinal surgery. The Swiss health system is world-renowned and highly regarded doctors and staff work in modern, state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics.

Situated in the very heart of Europe Switzerland is bordered by Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Liechtenstein. Private clinics are located in or around principle cities such as Zurich, Berne and Geneva and are easily accessible by plane, public transport or car. Hirslanden for example is a group of specialist private hospitals offering a broad range of medical services in Switzerland and one of their clinics, Birshoff in Munchenstein Basel, offers particular expertise in spinal surgery. Switzerland is also a good option if you would like to have metal-free implantology as biologic aesthetic dental care is available here.

While in Switzerland the medical tourist has plenty of outdoor recreation at his/her disposal, including hiking, walking, cycling, golf and of course skiing, not least because twenty percent of the Alps are located here and these mountain ranges tend to get a good snow fall. The climate in Switzerland is temperate on the Central Plateau but varies from region to region depending on the various air currents from the Atlantic, the eastern continent, the northern sub-polar region and the south Mediterranean. You can expect a wet and cool spring and a warm, dry summer with maximum temperatures of around 35 degrees Celsius. Autumn is cool and dry and winter is characteristically cold but dry - the temperature regularly drops below 0 degrees Celsius especially at night and the lower elevations usually get at least a foot of snow during the winter months.

Several languages are spoken in Switzerland, influenced by the neighbouring countries of France, Germany, Italy and Austria. German is predominantly spoken (or the German-Swiss dialect; Schwyzerdütsch), along with French, Italian and a small percentage speaking Romansch. English is also widely spoken.

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Reasons to choose Switzerland

  • State of the art clinics and hospitals
  • World-renowned surgeons and consultants
  • Specialists in spinal surgery
  • Not the cheapest, but one of the best destinations
  • Easy to reach Central European location
  • Chocolate box scenery – and chocolate!