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The healthcare system in Slovenia

The Slovenian healthcare system is funded by compulsory health insurance paid for by employers and employees. However, not all healthcare costs are covered by the insurance, with only some conditions and children’s healthcare fully funded. To support the system, almost all Slovenes also pay voluntary contributions.

This system of funding means that Slovenia enjoys clean, modern healthcare facilities on a par with the rest of Europe, with well equipped clinics shared equally between state and private practitioners and staff trained to the highest international standards. If you decide to travel to Slovenia for orthopaedic surgery, cosmetic dentistry or any type of cosmetic surgery procedure, you will find the facilities available here very impressive.

Overall, Slovenia spends a large proportion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare and as a result has a good proportion of healthcare beds and doctors per 1000 residents. Life expectancy in Slovenia is slightly higher than the EU average. Women can expect to live to 80.1 years and Men 73.1 years. Like elsewhere in Europe, this means that the aging population in Slovenia is growing, and this, combined with low birth rates, is placing a demographic burden on the system.

Slovenia has a very positive approach to healthcare, with overall wellbeing treated with equal importance to general health. Slovenia is a very health conscious country, with 15 certified natural health resorts that combine traditional and alternative therapies, with the latest in modern medical procedures. This means that you are likely to be will be given a complete and holistic package of treatment if you decide to be a medical tourist in Slovenia, making the whole experience more enjoyable and rejuvenating.

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