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Why consider Slovakia for medical tourism?

With reputable, top quality and very reasonably priced cosmetic surgery and dental treatment, and the chance to recuperate in lovely traditional spa towns, Slovakia is an ideal choice for the medical tourist.

The country has stunning mountain ranges, national parks, old spa towns and thermal pools, camping opportunities, water sports and fascinating underground caves to explore, providing plenty to see and do. You will also find this a friendly place - the Slovaks are hospitable people who are keen to throw off the negative perceptions that outsiders have of former communist countries, and you will find a warm and enthusiastic welcome as tourists are seen as a key to the economic success of this emerging country. 

The Slovak Republic has a moderate climate with four seasons and an average daily temperature of -2 degrees Celsius in winter and 21 degrees Celsius in summer.  The coldest month is January and Slovakia is at its warmest in July and August.  Snow remains on the ground an average of 130 days per year in the highest elevations.  The official language is Slovak, though you might find the locals talking 'Mishmash', a combination of Slovak, Hungarian, German or Polish. 

Piestany in the centre of Slovakia is a lovely old town built around its many health spas, many of which offer traditional 'cures' (therapeutic minerals and thermal springs).  Not surprisingly medical tourism has arrived in Piestany with practices offering treatments and surgery within spa and wellbeing facilities to help soothe you as you recuperate.

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Reasons to choose Slovakia

  • Very low prices for cosmetic surgery and dental treatment
  • Many top class facilities exclusively for health tourists
  • Well qualified, multi-lingual staff
  • Easy to reach with short flights from within Europe
  • Slovaks are warm, welcoming, hospitable people
  • Lots of spa towns to recover and recuperate