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Why consider Germany for medical tourism?

Germany has so much to offer you simply as a tourist, from endless forests and wildlife, to some of Europe’s most exciting cities. It is also famous for its many beers, such as Franconia and Wheat beer from Bavaria, Kölsch from Cologne as well as often under rated red and white wines. The “Oktoberfest” beer festival in Munich is world renowned and offers the chance to enjoy not only flowing Steins of beer, but also the varied traditional cuisine of sausages, Stollen cake and rich gateaux.

Contrary to the caricature of the ever efficient, businesslike German, the population, especially in the medieval towns, enjoys life to the full, with a host of festivals and cultural events. Much of rural Germany takes life far less seriously than their industrial city counterparts, and you will find a warm welcome wherever you go.

The medical and healthcare standards in German clinics and hospitals are high. Germany has over twice the number of hospitals for every 1000 inhabitants compared to the USA and there is a great emphasis on supportive aftercare and recovery. It is no surprise, therefore, that medical tourism for elective surgery, cosmetic procedures and dentistry is becoming more common with patients travelling from countries throughout Europe and from the USA in particular.

Private cosmetic surgeons operate in the major cities and health care standards in Germany are considered to be high, with surgeons undergoing many years of intensive study and training in order to practice. The University of Bonn medical centre hospital, for example, is a modern, state of the art facility and internationally renowned for its surgical and medical expertise.

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Reasons to choose Germany

  • Modern, state of the art facilities
  • Internationally renowned surgical and medical expertise
  • High standards of care at competitive rates
  • Central European location with easy access
  • Great value accommodation
  • Inspiring scenery including Rhine castle cruises