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The healthcare system in Cyprus

Healthcare in Cyprus is of a very high standard and is recognised by the World Health Organisation as being of the same level as developed countries such as the UK and US. Cyprus attracts around 2.4 million tourists every year, an increasing number of which are medical tourists. Cyprus’ pleasant climate also attracts many foreign nationals, and as a result of this, many medical professionals are foreign-trained, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Cyprus maintains a good sanitation system and clean running water which ensures a hygienic environment, and vaccinations are not required for foreign visitors due to the low level of infectious diseases. The Cypriot government has put a strong emphasis on preventative medicine, and as a result, life expectancy remains high at 80.4 years for women and 75.3 years for men.

The various Government hospitals in Cyprus' major cities offer free medical and emergency medical care to everyone, and there are a number of hospitals and clinics throughout Cyprus providing a high standard of private healthcare at modest rates. While the private sector is mainly concentrated in the urban areas, the public health services provide adequate coverage for the rural areas, ensuring accessibility through a network of rural hospitals, rural health centres, sub-centres and dispensaries.

Cyprus has an international reputation for its preventative medicine programs which have managed to practically eliminate diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis and Echinococcus. The Cypriot Government maintains these high standards through health education, inoculations, control of epidemics and infectious diseases, the disposal of sewage and the control of the quality of drinking water.

The north side of the island is not ruled by the regulation of the official Cyprus government or the EU.

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