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Why consider Bolivia for cosmetic surgery?

Bolivia is located in central South America and boasts contrasting Andean and Amazonian landscapes as well as the highest capital city in the world.  Once most famous for silver mining Bolivia's more recent incarnation is as plastic surgery hot spot with visitors flocking from the US for a makeover, and people from much wider range of countries are now taking advantage of very affordable cosmetic surgery . And why not, with breathtaking scenery, warm hospitable people, world-renowned surgeons who study for a rigorous 15 years in order to qualify and advanced medical technologies, the medical tourist can combine a wonderful holiday in an exotic Latin American location with substantial savings on their required procedure.

Prices for cosmetic surgery are very low in Bolivia but quality is top class. 'Makeover Travel' in Santa Cruz for example has been awarded several prestigious prizes for quality, service and organisation and some of their clients include Miss World contenders. 

In Bolivia you could pay under €2,000 for a tummy tuck and only €1,200 for Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping).  Equally, the bill for a complete face lift will be €2,200 and, what's more, all of these prices include 10 nights accommodation in a five star hotel.  All things considered there is little wonder that 'Beauty tourism', as it has become known, is growing at a rate of sixty percent each year.  Along with low prices, modern medical equipment, highly qualified surgeons who are world renowned, and the use of modern technologies and materials, the pound stretches even further in Bolivia as accommodation, travel, food and shopping are also inexpensive.

The official language in Bolivia is Spanish, but Quechua, Aymara and Guaraní are also spoken.  Bolivia has a wide range of climates due to its varied geography - you can experience stifling humidity one minute then heat or arctic cold weather conditions the next. 

The best time to visit for medical tourism is during the winter months (May to October) to enjoy dry, clear days.  During the summer (from November to March), it is the rainy season so expect relentless downpours, humid conditions and plenty of mud.  Air tickets are the most expensive between late June and early September, when Bolivia's major fiesta season takes place.  The climate in Santa Cruz is semi tropical with average temperatures of between 29 to 35 degrees Celsius in the spring and summer, dropping down to around 21 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Currency in Bolivia is the Boliviano and €1 is approximately 9 Bolivianos.

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Reasons to choose Bolivia

  • Growing reputation as a health and medical destination
  • High standards of cosmetic surgery at low prices
  • Healthcare tourism growing by 60% per year
  • Inexpensive accommodation, travel, food and shopping
  • Varied geography from the Andes to Amazonian rainforest
  • Exotic location in central South America