MEDICAL TRAVEL: Cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech Republic

MEDICAL TRAVEL offers cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech RepublicCosmetic surgery procedures on offer include tummy tuck, liposuction, breast surgery, facelift and nose correction .

MEDICAL TRAVEL in the Czech Republic provides medical  treatment in Prague for people from abroad with high quality care, affordable prices, and a personal approach for customers before, during, and after their stay. If you use their services you have the same prices as if you go to the clinic directly, but MEDICAL TRAVEL can give you special customer services without any additional  costs.

Visit a country known for its high quality medical services as well as its historical architecture, meet new people and have new positive experiences, and save money, save a lot of money!

tummy tuck



MEDICAL TRAVEL provides free evaluation of your photos

After initial contact via phone or mail, they will kindly ask you to provide them with photos of the areas which you would like to enhance, with a brief description of what your goals are with the procedure. This is only used to ensure the best evaluation for your personal needs and all information sent to us will be held in strict confidence.  Of course you are under no obligation at this stage, and the evaluation is completely free of charge.

Their extra services for You:

  • Online help with booking flights and recommending hotels
  • Airport pickup for you and your companions
  • First transfer to the clinic with their representative where you will meet the personnel of the clinic and your doctor
  • 24 hour assistance during your stay in Prague
  • Sightseeing booking

Their partner clinic provides you with:

  • Evaluation of your photos for no extra charge

  • The pre-operative check-up and consultation

  • Operation under local / general anaesthesia

  • Compression garments and drugs

  • Nights at the clinic with food and beverages

  • Post-operation care and guaranteed services

No additional costs for these services – you have it for free with MEDICAL TRAVEL

Costs for cosmetic surgeries available with MEDICAL TRAVEL








Abdominoplasty - Tummy tuck



Abdominoplasty - Tummy tuck + liposuction of tummy and hips



Abdominoplasty - Tummy tuck + Breast enlargement (price with round implants)



Upper + lower eyelids surgery



Breast enlargement (price with round implants)



Ear correction - Otoplasty



Breast lift / modelling



Facelift + SMASS



Fat transfer - Breast enlargement



Body jet small liposuction (1-2 areas)



Nose operation - Rhinoplasty



Body jet medium liposuction (3 areas)



 Vaser 2.0 medium liposuction      (3 areas)



Tumescent medium liposuction (3 areas)



Their prices are all inclusive. 

* Their price includes airport pickup, 24 hour assistance during your stay in Prague, transfer to the clinic with their representative, the pre-operative check-up, operation, anaesthesia, compression garments, nights at the clinic with food and beverages, post-operation care, drugs and guaranteed service. 
** It does not include accommodation and flight costs.

For further information: Costs for cosmetic surgery services available with MEDICAL TRAVEL

For more information, read more about the MEDICAL TRAVEL cosmetic surgery process and also see the diagram below.

Aftercare provided by MEDICAL TRAVEL and partner clinics

Immediately after your cosmetic surgery, you will probably stay in your chosen clinic overnight (depending on the procedure), so that you can be monitored. Any serious complications connected with the anaesthetic or with bleeding will usually arise within the first 24 hours and can be treated promptly. You will then be able to return to the comfort of your hotel or apartment for a few days recovery before travelling home, during which time you will have the clinic and medical staff at your disposal to answer any questions you have and to contact in the event that any concerns, problems or complications arise.

Once you get home, their cosmetic surgery clinics are available to advise you via telephone or email for any aftercare questions, or if any worries or problems arise.

Every clinic will provide you with detailed information about what to expect and what to do in the event that you experience any problems. If you are home and start to feel unwell and think that it may be as a direct result of your cosmetic surgery, it is advisable to see your own medical doctor as soon as possible. Wherever surgery is performed, there is always a risk of an infection developing in the wound, which should be treated by keeping the wound clean, with clean dressings, and by having antibiotics. The clinics are very careful and do their best to prevent any post-operative issues, however in the event that a problem does arise and persist after phone and email consultation, you can decide to come back to Prague for further treatment on fixing the problem and only pay for the accommodation and flights.

MEDICAL TRAVEL's partner cosmetic clinics and doctors in Prague

Medical Travel is cooperating with a few plastic surgery clinics in Prague to satisfy every demand and offer a complete range of services in the plastic surgery spectrum.

They are pleased to introduce you the Perfect Clinic, a new superb Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Prague which has been open since 2010. Founders Dr. Roman Kufa and Dr. Zdenek Pros and their expert team bring you one of the best equipped and staffed clinics in the Czech Republic. An architectonically sophisticated workplace offers among other things two operation rooms, an intensive care unit, sufficient bed capacity and recovery rooms, the latest vital monitoring technologies and round the clock medical supervision. Perfect Clinic provides a highly qualified staff, international environment and above-standard surgical care, with outstanding postoperative care and communication with their patients.

Find out more about the clinic and specialists.

Find out more about services provided by Medical Travel in the Czech Republic:


They will send you a list of hotels which are located nearby the clinic where you have chosen to go for your surgery. The prices differ based on the standard of accommodation you prefer.


Prague Airport is home to most international flight services in the Czech Republic and is the largest airport among the newest EU member states. Because Prague is situated in the heart of Europe, it takes less than 2 hours to fly from most European cities and is served by many low cost airlines. They would be happy to help you with booking your flights.

The Czech Republic, Prague

You will find yourself surrounded by wonderful scenery, excellent cuisine and some of the world’s best beer. It makes for a very pleasant place to stay and recover from any sort of medical treatment.

Prague as a capital city is one of the must-see destinations in Europe, combining a lively atmosphere with a rich history and breath-taking architecture. Since 1992 it has been listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. They would be pleased to book a sightseeing tour for you so that you can form your own opinion about Prague.

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