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At Wellness Travel Therapy, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. The most rewarding part of their work is having patients happy with their procedure and with a reinvigorated self-esteem. In this article, in conversation with Plastic Surgeon, Dr Ribeirinho Soares, they aim to clear all doubts and explore the fundamental questions and answers about breast implants.

Dr Ribeirinho Soares answers…

Try to clarify all the details about your surgery with the surgeon. Some of the points where most patients have the most doubts can only be clarified individually. For example: where the scar will be located; the possible location of the implant (sub mammary, axillary, peri-areolar, umbilical, above or below the muscle); the type of anaesthesia; what is the place for recovery; the possibility of needing drains; medication after surgery.

1. What are the best breast prostheses?

The best silicone prosthesis is the one that best suits the body – round, anatomical drop effect. Generally, the most used is the round one, as it gives more volume and projection, it must be of superior quality and have one of the lowest rates of rejection and contracture.

2. What is the difference between cohesive gel and silicone?

We are currently in the fourth generation of breast implants, produced with up to three layers of lining, high cohesiveness silicone gel in a variety of formats to choose from. Quite unlike the smooth, round prosthesis we had 50 years ago. Thus, prostheses with a high percentage of cohesive gel, as they have a gel-like consistency, are implants which are better able to maintain their shape and, in the event of rupture, there is no leakage of their content, due to their high cohesiveness. It also maintains body temperature giving the feeling of naturalness.

3. What are the implications for breastfeeding?

There are no implications for breastfeeding, as the prosthesis is placed under the muscle or between the muscle and the mammary gland. This does not interfere with breast growth during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breast ducts, which conduct the milk, are not cut during surgery. But after breastfeeding, in some women the breasts change size.

4. How long does a breast implant last?

There is no scientific data related to the duration of a prosthesis. With the current prostheses, which are more resistant and safer, it will hardly be necessary to make this change. The indication of replacement occurs when any alteration such as wrinkles, folds or ruptures are diagnosed in the imaging examinations.

5. What is the estimated recovery time after surgery?

Women feel more pain in the first 48 hours. A drain is placed to prevent secretions from accumulating and is removed after one or two days. In four or five days, it is possible to return to work, as long as it does not require too much physical effort. Exercise can be resumed after 60 days.

6. How long do I need to wait before going to the beach?

You can wet your breasts a few days after the procedure while showering. However, you must avoid bathing in the sea and swimming pool for an average period of 4 weeks, as these places can be sources of bacteria and cause infections at the surgical site.

Can I go to a health and wellness trip for breast augmentation treatment?

You cannot travel by plane immediately after having breast implants fitted and you must follow the doctor’s recommendation. That is, you have to follow all the basic precautions and ensure that your body is fully functioning in order to travel.

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