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About Right Choice Home & Away

Right Choice Home and Away is a UK-based lifestyle surgery facilitator and patient advocacy service. They started as the outbound service called EuroMedical Tours in 2006 and have since evolved to include an intrabound service offering by the name of Right Choice UK. In 2018, both services were joined under the name of Right Choice Home and Away, a one stop solution for those seeking more affordable, yet high quality options for elective procedure either at home or abroad. They are now in their 14th year of un-paralleled service to the British people.

Right Choice Home and Away provide their clientele in the UK with cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and weight loss surgery options at home in England and abroad.

Treatments are available in:

Their purpose is to make possible for the girl or the guy next door to have a nose job, a beautiful smile or a figure to dress, making Right Choice your affordable gateway to a happier you.

They have helped over 3,000 clients look good, feel better and lead a fuller life by helping them make the right choices and by being there for them from the moment they first made the enquiry, through their treatment, until they had recovered and started to benefit from their lifestyle enhancements.

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There cannot be a greater tribute to Right Choice`s service than the fact that 25% of their clients come from referrals or simply coming back for more. That is the reason they always have willing clients available to speak to you and help you along your way with confidence and anticipation.

Ask Right Choice to arrange a reference call for you to speak to clients and prepare yourself for your wellbeing journey

Right Choice is one of the very few UK-based facilitators who have weathered economic slump and the Medical Tourism`s `Gold Rush` to tell the tale and assist British people seeking cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and weight loss surgery options abroad. In 2018 they are celebrating 14 years of success. This has been achieved through a careful selection of a team abroad that offers skill, quality, a high standard of facilities and services and a lifetime commitment to aftercare.

Cosmetic, weight loss and hair restoration treatments

Right Choice pride themselves on offering the best, low-cost options for those considering weight loss and cosmetic procedures. They provide access to an extensive network of hospitals and clinics. Working solely with JCI or nationally certified hospitals and international qualified dentists, dental surgeons and highly skilled cosmetic surgeons, Right Choice brings affordable access to treatments and aftercare that measure up to certified standards of quality and best practice.

Right Choice offer weight loss options comprising the non-surgical gastric balloon and the surgical options of the gastric band, sleeve and bypass. They work with a UK-resident bariatric surgeon based in London, who performs surgery in Turkey and consults in London. Alternatively, you may opt for treatments in Harley Street, for a new you closer to home - so there is an option to suit your preference.

Right Choice Home and Away offer consultations in London, Manchester and Newton-Le-Willows, every six to eight weeks. Getting set to welcome you at one of their avant-garde hospitals in London and Newton-Le-Willows at Home, as well as the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Dental consultations

Free, no-obligation dental consultation before you decide!
Aftercare in London, upon your return.

Right Choice Home and Away offer consultations in London for assessment and treatment planning for individuals wanting to travel abroad for dental treatment. Whether it`s implants, crowns or veneers, Right Choice have many, many ways to make you smile. Their London dental clinic provides dental treatments for individuals who are unable to travel abroad or are undergoing minor treatments, with aftercall always made available in London for those option for treatment abroad.

Come see your new favourite dentist in London, at 295 Kings Street, Ravenscourt Park, London, W6 9NH. Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm for oral examinations, x-rays and treatment planning for a fixed price quotation. They tell you the treatment you need, how long it will take and what it is going to cost you.

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Countries where treatment is provided

  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Pakistan
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic


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