Treating Muller Weiss Disease


Muller Weiss Disease is a rare condition where the navicular bones (one of the bones in the mid foot) collapses under pressure. Risk factors are 'vascular diseases' and 'flat foot alignment'. 

In this pathology, when custom orthotics and physiotherapy are not sufficient to unload the bone and help the patient with his pain, a surgery can be offered as recourse, where a bone graft will be inserted to recreate the original shape of the foot. 

As a researcher in the domain of AI and 3D imaging using cone beam weight bearing CT, available at UCP Toulouse, Clinique de l’Union, Dr Lintz works to develop diagnostic tools such as 3D video dynamic matching, which help to better plan the surgery. 

Here is an example where the video, by matching the injured foot with the contralateral healthy one, shows the extent and amplitude of the deformity. Quantitative information is available to the surgeon, to help choose for example the most appropriate thickness of the bone graft.


About the author

Dr Francois Lintz is a leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in bunion surgery and all other aspects of foot and ankle surgery. A fluent English-speaker, he is based at Clinique de l'Union, a Ramsay Healthcare Group private hospital near Toulouse in Southern France.

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