Benefits of IVF treatment in the Czech Republic


There are many avenues to explore when it comes IVF treatment. It’s very easy in this day and age to find a local private IVF clinic that would be happy to treat you.

These clinics are highly-qualified and have helped countless couples to create their dreams.

There is however a big price to pay when it comes to undergoing IVF treatment. This has led to an increase in what has been termed ‘medical tourism’ with patients travelling abroad to undertake medical procedures.

According to a recent report from March 2018, the price for a single IVF cycle is between £2,600 and £4,200.

There’s also a regional bias in the UK and depending on where you live, you may pay higher or lower than the national average.

For examples, prices for IVF treatment are often higher in places like Edinburgh, Southampton and Oxford.

What’s surprising is that often, London is a cheaper option for IVF. That’s mainly because of the intense competition in the British capital.

Further afield, there are many cheaper options abroad with the Czech Republic, Prague a great option for British couples looking for a cheaper alternative abroad.

In recent years, there has been a spurt of medical clinics across central and Eastern Europe and these clinics are considerably cheaper than those in the UK.

There are obvious concerns when it comes to undertaking IVF treatment abroad and the process can be a stressful period for a woman.

The benefit of undertaking IVF in a city like Prague is that it’s much cheaper than undertaking it at home. There are many live-in clinics where a woman can stay for the duration of her treatment with a qualified medic on hand throughout the journey.

Prague is one of the hidden jewels of Europe and is a unique and cosmopolitan country with many benefits.

The cost of living in considerably cheaper and the capital city of Prague is smaller than some UK cities, making it easy to get around.

The transport system in Prague would put the London Underground to shame. During my 2 years living in Prague, there were very few instances of transport delays. Certainly less than I experienced during my university years where I was a regular user of the London Underground.

Overall, it’s not too difficult to adjust to the culture in the Czech Republic and there are numerous examples of women from other countries coming to the country to undergo IVF treatments.

Germany shares a border with the Czech Republic and every year there are thousands of Germans who cross over to undertake medical procedures like IVF.

Prague is very close to the UK and it takes approximately 3 hours to travel there by plane from the major UK airports.

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