High quality, lower cost IVF treatment in India

Medicover Fertility is a leader in Assisted Reproduction Technology in North India. They have 6 IVF clinics with a plan to open several more to cater for the increasing demand for their services in the sphere of fertility treatment.

In India, Medicover Fertility is able to provide high quality medical treatment at a much lower cost than many of the western countries. This stems from the basic fact that cost of living, manpower and general services are much cheaper in India as compared to many other countries. Besides the price benefit, India also has the advantage of being home to some of the world’s best doctors and specialists making it a very popular destination for IVF treatment.

Medicover Fertility is able to leverage the benefits offered by India and use them to help numerous childless couples from all over the world to get pregnant with their own baby despite their infertility situation.

IVF treatment is the most highly recommended fertility treatment for the majority of the different types of infertility. The treatment uses the eggs and sperm taken from each partner.  Fertilisation takes place in a laboratory overseen by an embryologist and the fertilised egg, which forms an embryo, is placed in the mother’s uterus to enable it to grow naturally.

Medicover Fertility Consultants work closely with each couple and guide them at each step along the way. Some stages of the treatment can be a bit unnerving, but the reassurance provided by the doctors makes the experience much easier for the patient to go through.

IVF treatment is the most popular and successful fertility treatment globally. Infertility is a medical condition, sometimes resulting from unhealthy lifestyle choices and other times caused by a medical problem.

India has now become a hub for medical treatment, as people from all over the world visit the country to take advantage of the services of some of the world’s best doctors. When it comes to medical facilities, India ranks among the top few countries with the best treatment and at an affordable cost. India offers advanced technology fertility treatment under the expertise of highly qualified and experienced doctors at Medicover Fertility Clinic.

With international standard infrastructure, Medicover Fertility caters to a huge number of Indian, as well as overseas, patients. On a global scale, Medicover also holds a record for having a Medicover baby born every 5 hours worldwide and a consultation every 6 seconds.

Medicover offers cost-effective package deals for IVF treatment, enabling couples to plan their finances accordingly. Medicover Fertility are also able to help with all the travel arrangements necessary for a trip to India, including a letter for a medical visa. Couples wishing to find out more about IVF treatment at Medicover Fertility in India are invited to call their friendly team on +91 (0) 114 1095863.


About Medicover Fertility

Medicover Fertility in India is part of Medicover, an established global healthcare provider and leading provider of fertility treatment. Their six state-of-the-art clinics in North India are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and staffed by a team of clinical experts who strive to ensure the best possible results by individually tailoring treatment to each patient’s needs. A full range of fertility solutions for men and women is available, including IVF, ICSI, IVF with donor egg, IVF with donor sperm, surgical sperm retrieval and surrogacy.

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