Intersono takes part at 6th China International Medical Tourism Fair

Intersono IVF clinic is pleased to announce its participation at one of the largest international fertility events, the 6th China International Medical Tourism Fair, to be held in Shanghai, China on the 19th-21th of May 2017.

China International Medical Tourism Fair is dedicated to couples, who have considered starting a family for some time, or are wishing to increase the size of their family. This unique and un-missable opportunity is for patients to meet with leading medical experts, clinicians, therapists, treatment centers and support groups, all in one place at one time.

Visit Intersono stand C033

Intersono welcome you to visit their stand number C033 during the 6th China International Medical Tourism Fair 19 & 21 May 2017. Every visitor to their stand will get a free consultation with an Intersono fertility specialist and a bonus “free initial examinations” at Intersono IVF clinic.

Do not miss your chance to get a free consultation with a leading fertility specialist.

You will get expert advice concerning fertility treatments, the most suitable time to start the treatment, list of examinations, recommendations how to choose the right egg or sperm donor and surrogacy program details.

Why Chinese couples choose infertility treatment in Ukraine at Intersono IVF clinic:

1.    One of the main reasons why Chinese patients should travel to the Ukraine for IVF is the low cost of treatment. It is estimated that most procedures in the Ukraine cost up to 50- 85% less than the same treatment in Western Europe or the USA.

2.    Ukraine offers most types of assisted reproduction: IVF, ICSI, IVF with own oocytes, Fresh and Frozen Frozen embryo transfer, PGD\PGS, Surrogacy treatment and many more.

3.    Legal Surrogacy treatment and Egg donation programs, which are regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts. Prices for Surrogacy in Ukraine are 25-50% less than the same treatment in the USA. At Intersono IVF clinic they provide Chinese couples legal consultations and support before and after the surrogacy program is finished, and prepare the full package of documents required by your Embassy for application for the passport or emergency travel documents for your child.

4.    Intersono IVF clinic also offers treatment for Single women and the age limit for fertility  treatment in Ukraine is 54 years. As compared to the rest of Europe, where the average age limit for fertility treatment is 45-50 years.

5.    PGS in IVF and Egg donation and Surrogacy :

  • Increased chances of having a healthy baby
  • Sex selection
  • Lower risk of miscarriage
  • Higher success rates: the selection of the best embryos through PGS improves the chances of pregnancy after implantation to 70%

6.    Chinese couples traveling as tourists can obtain a visa on arrival at Kiev Boryspil (KBP) or at Odessa (ODS) airports for a maximum stay of 15 days. Chinese citizents will be provided with an invitation letter. We practice a one visit treatment that lasts no longer than 7-10 days.

When and Where?

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Intersono IVf clinic stand, C033

1000 Yan'an Lu


19 & 21 May 2017 

Book your mini consultation with Intersono IVF clinic experts in reproduction! Call Intersono now: +38 067 674 59 17 or  email: [email protected]

About the author

Located in Ukraine, Intersono IVF Clinic have for over 15 years been successfully providing treatment for male and female infertility issues. Helping you to experience the joy of parenthood, they specialise in performing IVF cycles, egg donation cycles , surrogacy, embryo viritrification and a wide range of other infertility tests and treatments.

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