Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery


If you have recently had gastric sleeve surgery and have not reached your weight loss requirements, or even if you have gained weight since surgery, a gastric sleeve revision surgery might be an appropriate option.

What is a gastric sleeve revision?

In around half of all patients, weight gain following gastric bypass surgery occurs within 2 years. Despite the weight gain, after 5 years , the average patient still holds over 60% of their excess weight.

Gastric sleeve revision is a procedure which shrinks the stomach to the size it was after a gastric sleeve gastrectomy . The procedure follows the same protocol as an endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy .

It does not require incisions, it is done in the outpatient surgery center, you go home the same day and can go back to work/life in a couple of days.

And There are four options for revision of the gastric sleeve. In some cases, they are described here in order to be successful in losing weight over the long term. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable medication based on your medical background and personal circumstance.


The Duodenal Switch is considered a complex procedure and is normally done only by qualified experts. We offer this surgery as last solution for most patients in the long term.

DS includes extracting the excess portion of the stomach if it has spread out, extracting the gallbladder, and rearranging the small intestine, after the previous gastric operation. The most common explanation why certain initial gastric procedures do not produce the desired results is because this stretching

After this treatment, caloric and mineral malabsorption will happen, so it is so important to monitor your diet.


The roux-en-Y commonly known as gastric bypass surgery (RNY) is one of the most modern and efficient weight-loss surgeries today, but in some rare cases, the patient may not see the results they were expecting after their procedure. Studies show that nearly 15-35% of patients either fail to lose a sufficient amount of weight or regain a considerable amount of weight back after surgery.

RNY revision surgery is performed laparoscopically and will help you lose more weight by reducing the stomach’s ability to consume calories. And because this is a minimally invasive procedure, most patients can return to daily activities within a week.


In certain situations, the re-sleeve is the most effective surgical option when the stomach has stretched after sleeve gastrectomy . However, without changing eating and lifestyle habits after surgery, the stomach will be re-stretched, as in sleeve gastrectomy .

On a positive note, re-sleeve is also the least invasive procedure among the surgical options for revision of the gastric sleeve.


Many surgeons may not recommend this surgery as it has a high rate of failure and can have unpredictable results for some patient groups. It involves bandaging the upper part of the stomach with a ring that is attached to a tube to a small port underneath the skin. The size of the entrance portion of the stomach can be controlled by this port to control the amount of food required to fill the stomach.

Gastric sleeve revision outcome and benefits

Gastric sleeve revision offers patients a chance to get rid of the weight they planned to lose if their previous treatment was inaccurate.

And this type of operation also offers an alternative for certain patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery performed before and who have put their weight back on due to their diet or other factors. If you have the option of gastric sleeve revision surgery, your surgeon will compare the possible risks with the benefits before recommending it. The revision of the gastric sleeve also has an exceptionally low mortality rate.

Who is gastric sleeve revision most suitable for?

There are several considerations that surgeons take into account when determining whether or not this operation is appropriate for those who have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery before. Many of these variables include the following:

  • When your previous bariatric surgery took place
  • The amount of weight you lost after your previous procedure
  • Any side effects or complications that you encountered after your first sleeve gastrectomy procedure
  • Whether you have developed any medical conditions since the last time you had surgery, which could affect the healing process or raise your risk of complications with gastric sleeve revision surgery
  • The amount of experience your previous surgeon had, which can indicate how effective that procedure was
  • The type of procedure that was done initially

How to prepare for the procedure

Secure and careful preparation of the operation is recommended in order to have less complications after surgery and to obtain better weight loss outcomes after surgery.

Before surgery, you should consume a lot of protein to compensate your body for its needs after surgery, as you can lose weight quickly. It is also recommended to take multivitamins. Your doctors will be able to send you detailed nutritional recommendations to suit your individual needs.

The night before surgery, you would expect to have a clear gastrointestinal tract quickly beginning at midnight.

You can also have some psychological, dietician, and upper gastrointestinal tests to determine the readiness and health for surgery. You will also need some normal examinations, such as blood work, electrocardiograms, and x-rays.

After the procedure

After a successful procedure, part of the diet can consist of clear liquids, such as fruit juices. You’ll finally move from fluids to solid foods soon.

High protein and healthy diets are usually prescribed after the treatment. Remember, losing weight is our greatest motivation.

You need someone to support you with your day-to-day activities in the first week after surgery, as sudden exercise or discomfort should be avoided after surgery.

Finally, after surgery, you will need four to six weeks for a full recovery.

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