Stem cell treatment for Diabetes

Treatment: Stem cell treatment
Provider: VIMED CELL
Date: Mar 2015

Case: Diabetic disease type I – dependent on insulin - therapy

A. Y. , a 33 years old patient, (172 cm, 76 kg) suffered from diabetes Type 1 for four years and required treatment with insulin 10 min before every meal.

VIMED CELL gave the patient Kandern Komplex Therapy, which is an application of human autologous stem cells (concentration of 2.7 ml – in addition with mediators like CXCL12 and other mediators, cytokines and stimulators for intracellular production of second messengers).

VIMED CELL recommended Teplizumab (alternatively Fenretinid). Two weeks later laboratory values were : HbA1C 6,5 mg%/dl, Blood sugar: fastened: 125mg% - lunchtime 181mg% - dinnertime 93 mg%. Insulin: Protaphane 4 I.E. – 0 – 6 I.E.

No more Actrapid needed.  A further two months later the test results were HbA1C 5,8 mg/dl – Blood sugar fastend 93 mg% - 156 mg% - 89 mg%

The patient did not need any insulin anymore. The patient must avoid food with high sugar concentrations. No other antidiabetic medications  are needed anymore. One month after therapy initiation the therapy with Teplizumab ended.

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