Cyberknife treatment in Hamburg

Treatment: Cyberknife surgery
Provider: Cyberknife Center Hamburg
Date: Jun 2014

My name is Liane from the UK. I received a successful Cyberknife treatment for my acoustic neuroma in Hamburg, because the treatment in the UK exceeded my budget.

The team was friendly and helpful and were quick in answering my questions and concerns.

They offered me an appointment at very short notice and at an affordable price, too. I flew over to Hamburg and had a first consultation with the specialist in the clinic. He evaluated my personal case and explained the whole treatment process and possible side effects in detail.

Afterwards, a MRI scan and a CT scan were taken for the exact treatment planning. A few days next, my first Cyberknife session started and I had to come for 5 sessions in total. It simply delivers high doses of radiation to the tumor, and then you get back to normal life, with little to no side effects.

This non-invasive and painless procedure and the whole caring team in the Radiation Oncology Clinic made me feel safe and comfortable during my stay and treatment.

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Cyberknife Center Hamburg
Cancer clinic in Hamburg, Germany
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