Boob Job Abroad: My Own Experience with Longevita Breast enlargement
“The first time I began to think my breasts were “inadequate” was at the age of 15. Compared to my friends’ breasts, mine were smaller and I was really self conscious about it. Nevertheless I thought they might grow as I was still young then.

Plastic surgery in Thailand Breast enlargement
I had cosmetic eye surgery by Dr Amorn Poomee, it was an excellent result. I would like to praise the nursing staff at your hospital. The plastic surgery centre was welcoming and very helpful. The nursing staff in the ward are to be commended highly.

Breast enlargement in Belgium Breast enlargement
My name is Veronique. I'm 26 and live in Brussels. I've always envied women with big breasts ! I dreamed about it day and night ! One day I came upon the Elyzea website which gave loads of information about the surgery.

Breast uplift in Spain Breast uplift
Lesley, aged 39 from the UK, had a breast uplift done by Mills and Mills Medical in Spain. “I am so happy with the end result. I can’t begin to describe how much better it makes me feel. I have wanted this surgery for what seems most of my life.

Breast uplift and liposuction in Cairo, Egypt Breast uplift
Bridie, a community midwife who is single-handedly raising three teenage children decided to have a breast lift with implants, liposuction to her thighs and inner aspects of her knees, plus vaginal tightening.

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