Tubal ligation reversal in Poland

Treatment: Female sterilisation reversal
Provider: KCM Clinic
Date: Aug 2014

Louise, aged 35, a mother of two children, looked for a clinic where she could restore fertility after a tubal ligation. Louise decided to look for a professional clinic in Europe. She found some options abroad and chose KCM Clinic. She thought of having more children and the only way to achieve it was tubal ligation reversal. She needed a professional surgery in a clinic with highly qualified specialists. Louise focused only on KCM Clinic in Jelenia Góra, Poland. She found our clinic’s website and phoned immediately. Having sent the inquiry, she received an immediate answer from the International Patients Department - Mr. Philip Pasler and International Patient Coordinator Mrs. Dagmara Kaczmarowska contacted doctor Radecki, the KCM Clinic gynecologist. The specialist read all Louise’s examinations and medical documents in order to decide on treatment and surgery. After the contact with the professional staff, Louise visited KCM Clinic. A five-day stay in Jelenia Góra turned out to be successful. Louise underwent laparoscopic tubal ligation reversal. She left Jelenia Góra 3 days after surgery feeling very well and optimistic. What is the most vital, Louise wants to get pregnant as soon as possible, and thanks to KCM Clinic has a chance to do it. Louise is satisfied with the treatment and experience in KCM Clinic. She says: “KCM showed us nothing but support, dignity and respect throughout our whole stay. We were a little apprehensive to start with being in a foreign country but all that soon disappeared when we realized how thorough everyone was being. The staff are amazing and couldn't do enough for us and without them and their help we wouldn't have been able to fulfil our dreams of trying for another baby… If I required anymore surgery I would definitely consider returning to KCM.”

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KCM Clinic
Private hospital in Jelenia Gora, Poland
4.35 out of 5 (11 reviews)

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