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Estonia, the most northerly of the three Baltic Republics, is bordered to the north and west by the Baltic Sea, to the east by the Russian Federation and to the south by Latvia. The country is one of great scenic beauty with many forests, more than 1400 lakes and 1500 islands. Smaller than Lithuania and Latvia, it has nevertheless the longest coastline of all the Baltic States.

A nation that is as progressive and hip as it is history-filled and quaint it remains refreshingly genuine and uncontrived. The country's beautiful castles, old cities, manor houses, forests, beaches and islands – as its people – speak for themselves.  Tallinn, the centre of economic and cultural activity in the country has won worldwide acclaim for its forward-thinking, state-of-the-art services. It has a thriving nightlife and is also a hub for major festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Estonia's international airport has excellent intercontinental connections and is less than 3 hours away from London, 2 hours from Copenhagen and 2½ hours from Frankfurt. The national airline is Estonian Air which operates six direct flights a week (everyday except Saturday) between Gatwick and Tallinn.  Scheduled services and charter flights also offer a convenient departure point from European regional cities.

The quality of medical care in Estonia is excellent. Private hospitals generally offer a higher standard of service than the public hospitals, and most of the best doctors practice in private medical facilities.

Prices for surgery in Estonia can be 60 to 70% lower than for corresponding treatment in the UK. So by choosing to have your treatment in Estonia you can make substantial savings on cost and enjoy a kaleidoscope of past and present in this amazing country.

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