Dawn of a new era in Cataract Surgery


Wavikar Eye Institute becomes the first in Asia to install LenSx, the pathbreaking technology to perform laser refractive cataract surgery (LRCS).

Wavikar Eye Institute is the name with repute of being innovative leaders in Thane, striving always to bring the latest eye care to this city. This undying passion for perfection has brought us on the threshold of yet another revolution that is sure to redefine cataract surgery.

Cataract and refractive surgeons the world over are familiar with Femtosecond laser technology.

Millions of patients who have undergone Bladeless LASIK are testimony to its safety and efficacy. Through LenSx Platform this same technology is now being applied for cataract surgery. More than 50 patients till now, in past two months, have already experienced this wonderful procedure and still cherishing the wow effect during their surgery.

What is LRCS?

Today, cataract surgery majorly has three parts; making incisions and openings to approach cataract, removal of the cataract with phacoemulsification and artificial lens implantation. The first part involves aseries of manual steps like making incisions in cornea and capsulorrhexis which is then followed by making initial pieces of cataract to be removed.

all these steps in the first part can now be done with Femtosecond Laser in LRCS making cataract surgery infinitely more safe and precise. LenSx is the only machine which has USFDA approval for all three steps making it the most comprehensive machine for LRCS.

State of the art Image guided laser, fully integrated platform

Behind LRCS is a customizable, 3-d surgical platform that performs the first three steps of cataract and lens replacement surgery- corneal incisions, capsulotomy (removal of the lens cap) and the lens fragmentation. The Femtosecond Laser Technology performs all three processes in a single step lasting just 60 to 90 seconds, thus minimizing risk and optimizing post-operative visual outcomes.It is guided by live image in the form of OCT , which gives the unprecedented high level of precision.

Unparalleled Precision Safety and Reproducibility

The amazing technology behind LenSx allows the surgeon to view the 3D anatomy of the eye. The on-screen view allows him to program and perform all the comprehensive, computer controlled surgical procedures, even before entering the operation theatre. The surgeon can customize and pre-programme all three steps, adjusting the laser to micron close precision before performing each step.

Clinically proven results

Rigorous testing has been undertaken in the USA and Europe to ensure that this technology is fully tested and proven to be safe. Currently, Lensx is the only equipment to receive us FDA approval for all three steps of the cataract and refractive lens exchange procedures, as well as TGA approval in Australia and now it is available at Wavikar Eye Institute, India.

The fourth dimension

In addition to the above three steps the machine can also perform Arcuate Incisions which help the surgeon in treating any residual cylindrical number after cataract surgery. The Lensx machine makes these cuts but they are kept sealed. Approximately 2 weeks after cataract surgery if the patient is left with a minor cylindrical number these incisions can be opened to get rid of that number thereby giving the patient maximum vision without glasses.

Are you the right candidate?

Lensx LRCS can be availed by anyone who comes to Wavikar Eye Institute in Thane, near Mumbai, India.

Even though it costs only as much as bladeless Lasik Surgery it is more beneficial in certain clinical situations like subluxated cataract, pseudo-exfoliation syndrome, mature cataract, non fully dilating pupils etc. Due to wide ranging clinical applications as well as high level of predictability, safety and precision, this technique ultimately will be useful for each and every patient in coming years compared to conventional cataract surgery.

For more information, see the link below or search 'wavikar eye institute playlist' on YouTube.

Patients Speak…

"Being one eyed patient, I was highly tensed about my surgery and especially this new technology. But at the same time, I had a full faith in Dr. Wavikar. The fantastic experience of LenSx only added to the faith I had in him. The Laser part took hardly 40 seconds and the whole operation was over within 8 minutes. No blade, No stitches, No injection… Unbelievable!!!"

- Mrs. Supriya S. Tawde, Sr. Officer, MTNL

"Getting surgery done with LenSx was truly a pleasant experience. It is painless, quick and the recovery is very fast. People watching the surgery were amazed by the speed and accuracy of the laser."

- Dr. Ajit Shaligram, Sr. Dentist in Thane


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Wavikar Eye Institute



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