Spine School - a preventive programme for disorders of the spine


Disorders of spine and the locomotive system rank second in the population, immediately after diseases caused by getting cold. They are a negative result of a systematic over-burdening of the static muscle groups by today’s way of life.

A preventive programme called 'Spine School' aims at preventing the pain. In the 1960s, movements called 'Backschool' were already formed in English-speaking countries. These schools promoted and presented the latest opinions on causes of difficulties and the methods of coping with them. The most valuable are practical recommendations for everyday life: how to sit, lie down, how to get up, wash and dress, how to sit in the car, at the computer, how to lift heavy objects, mow the grass, get into a car, and how to get off, or how to carry shopping bags. Another worthy piece of information says that smoking is a potential factor for occurrence of problems linked to disorders of spine and locomotive system, because to a large degree it causes reduced blood circulation in tissues. People do these activities daily and if done incorrectly, individual muscle groups are continuously weighed down in a wrong way – with the consequence troubling everyone – pain. Pain only increases the muscle tension and the wicked circle goes on. Cold or overall weakening of the organism has similar negative effects on muscle balance and leads to pain. Furthermore, chronic pain affects behaviour, brings along anxiety, neurotic conditions, frustration and overall negative mood.

Exercises prepared by the Spine School are recommended for these conditions:

1. increased muscle tension

2. defects of posture, wrong posture

3. muscle weakness

4. pain in the small of the back without any organic cause

5. after surgeries of intervertebral discs without neurological symptoms

6. headaches accompanying disorders of locomotive system, recurring lumbago, scoliosis, beginning osteoporosis, initial stages of Bechterew´s disease




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