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Nashville, TN - 3/31/11 –, The Marketplace for Medicine®, is already known to be a source for patients to connect with facilities in the US, Costa Rica, and Mexico for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) Therapy, but what some patients are finding is that is also a source for alternative treatments they may not have known about.

“Doctors are stepping forward and offering alternative care on some requests,” commented Ralph Weber, President and Founder of “There are treatments found on that some patients simply don’t know about and may be a good alternative, such as Prolotherapy for knee pain rather than knee replacement surgery and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis rather than CCSVI.”

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and laser treatments are increasing in popularity over conventional ‘under the knife’ surgeries for cancer treatment. More and more American physicians are getting the training and certification they need to meet the demand as these treatments are approved for testing, but overseas hospitals have offered these treatments long before they were available in the US, giving them an edge in experience. Some treatment options still only exist overseas. HIFU and Hyperthermia treatments with and without additional radiation therapy have been used with high success rates in other countries, including Canada, but have been held up in the United States by the FDA, meaning patients who want these procedures must be ready to travel.

Stem cell therapy is another treatment option available overseas to patients who are interested. gives patients these options in destinations such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea, among others.

“Patients are online asking for Stem Cell treatments, including Stem Cell Cardiac Therapy,” said Weber. “As the Premier of Newfoundland would say, it is ‘their heart, their health, and their choice.’ It is not our place to question efficacy in medicine. We are here to provide access, choice, and quality to patients.”

Some patients have tried traditional medical care and found that they needed another option when the results weren’t what they expected; others simply wish to try the newest technology first because it is less invasive. When paying out-of-pocket for care, patients spend much more time researching what options are available to them and have found many options to choose from in alternative care on

About MediBid is the Marketplace for Medicine,™ an interactive marketplace that empowers cash paying patients to seek medical care from doctors, hospitals, and facilities locally and round the world. Patients who use MediBid’s uncompromisingly special, highly secure, needs-matching technologies can acquire the best cost-to-value services anywhere.

Physicians and hospitals interested in joining really should call 888-855-6334 to learn more, or go to

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