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October 19, 2010 06:16AM CST

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Lantana resident pioneers interactive technology

Eric Williams

Published 09/23/2010 - 4:34 p.m. CST

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Ted Henderson, President and CEO of CWH Dubai Technologies and Curtis Jackson, a medical facilities planner, at Mr. Henderson’s Lantana home.


Eric Williams



To say Lantana resident T. (Ted) James Henderson, Sr. has overcome some difficult obstacles on the way to business success would be an understatement. Orphaned as an infant when his parents were murdered, Henderson grew up in foster care in New York. Now, Henderson leads a company posed to revolutionize global delivery of specialized medical care, linking experts in the famed Cleveland Clinic with medical facilities in the United Arab Emirates. Henderson, President and CEO of CWH Dubai Technologies, is working to provide interactive HD technological communications between the Cleveland facility and medical facilities in Dubai. Henderson's conceptual designs show a room with three enormous high definition screens, with consoles below where text and audio messages can be delivered simultaneously with the visuals on the screen. Cameras and two-way communications equipment will enable experts 10 times zones away to see, hear, and communicate as they deliver patient care. Henderson and others in his company are soon traveling to Dubai, working with Verizon and Cisco to deliver the technology and make it operational. Henderson believes his ideas will be enormously valuable, though he's not seeking personal riches so much as to be a resource to help others.

Several times, God has intervened to preserve his life, meaning there is much left for him to accomplish here on earth, said Henderson. When his parents were murdered in the same room with him and his brother, there was no reason for them to leave my brother and me alive, Henderson said. But God preserved him, putting him in a terrific foster home where he lived until he was 12. Then Elbert Cooper, the man he knew as "Dad," died. Since he had not yet been adopted, Henderson was taken from a home where he had discipline, structure, and people who loved him, and placed in another home with two parents who simply took him to get reimbursement from the state. At 17, Henderson was on his own. He started college, but dropped out because he wasn't ready to learn that way. He became a bus operator, and then joined the transit authority's anti-crime task force. He keeps a small box containing a flattened .38 bullet and a cryptic message of “Jan. 14, 1990, 1:14." That's when it happened! Henderson was apprehending a robbery suspect on a bus. His arm locked around the suspect's neck and he believed he had collared a robber acting alone. Then, a shot rang out and he felt pain in his lower abdomen. Both Henderson and the suspect rolled from the bus into the gutter. Henderson remembered looking up and calling for help and seeing a lot of people who didn't want to get involved. He passed out with his arm still holding the suspect, as more police arrived on the scene and apprehended the suspect and five others involved.

Fortunately for Henderson a cardiovascular surgeon was in the South Bronx on the sidewalk that day and was in position to provide emergency aid on the scene and follow up care in a hospital later. Henderson remembers that his heart stopped beating more than once and he remembers an out-of-body experience where he was looking down from above as a doctor injected medicine into his chest with an enormous syringe. Disabled by his wounds, Henderson was not working when his wife Annie relocated to Las Colinas from New York with the move of the Exxon-Mobile corporate headquarters to Texas in 1997. She bought him a computer, which he could not operate. A cousin, whom Henderson called frequently for help with the computer, became so frustrated, he yelled for Henderson to use trial and error to become expert himself. The advice proved sound. Now, Henderson not only uses the computer, but also helps to conceptualize sophisticated systems. Henderson took courses on several college campuses and today is working to earn a master's degree in Christian education at Dallas Baptist University. He also continued to pursue a love of global travel, making extended trips to Nigeria, Senegal, and Egypt. As he traveled, Henderson avoided the places where other American tourists would hang out; instead he reached out to interact, make friends and build awareness across cultures. Those relationships spawned business opportunities. He established links with the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, when those Emirates were looking for opportunities to construct tourist attractions like Disney World, only much larger. Although studies determined such projects were not economically practical, Henderson built ties in the UAE that made future business ventures possible.

The initial concept for the project that is now under way came to Henderson as he prayed for a high school football player who had died in Fort Worth. He imagined a conceptual situation where paramedics arriving to help the acutely ill player would have been connected via two-way audio and video instantaneous communications with emergency surgeons. Paramedics fitted with cameras could enable trauma physicians to see what the paramedics are seeing rather than having to accept information verbally and interpreting it. This improved method would provide first hand triage and diagnostic instructions. The minutes or seconds saved could save lives; plus visual analyses would add another dimension to patient care, Henderson reasoned. Working with Henderson are his wife, Annie, Curtis Jackson, a close relative who has been a medical facilities planner in North Carolina, and Kendrick Shaw, a recent graduate of Texas A&M Commerce, clinicians and several others.

A strong Christian, who attends St. John's Baptist Church in Southlake, taught and lead spiritually by Dr. Denney D. Davis, Senior Pastor, Henderson and his wife feel very comfortable traveling to Dubai, a Muslim Emirate more tolerant of Western Styled Culture than some of the others. He and his wife are free to profess their faith and worship in a Christian church on Sundays there. "There's nowhere I'm afraid to travel," said Henderson. "When God has allowed you to experience both the realms of time and eternity you have an indelible awareness that, when he wants you to come, you are going. My living here in Lantana has been very rewarding, especially when I consider how supportive the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce has been.” Henderson gratefully acknowledges the Chamber for all the support given CWH Dubai and him personally.


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