Affordable AND great service ? something to truly smile about!

27-Oct-2010 in Lima, is leading the way in ‘Dental Tourism’ in Peru – an up and coming medical destination that has all the glamour and attraction of a Latin American vacation spot.

Affordable AND great service – something to truly smile about!

By going abroad for your dental service you are throwing away outdated traditions and stepping into the new world. The old idea of getting what you pay for will quickly become a fallacy. Just because the dental work will be a fraction of the cost does not mean service will be poor. In fact, by coming to Lima you will get outstanding service. You will feel a higher level of service before any medical facility back home. It’s like going to a five star hotel for the price of a two star.

This is what some of our patients are saying;

Hello Dr Yuen and Lloyd,

Thank you so much for the great Dental Care! It was far and beyond what I had expected and overall it was a wonderful experience. My restorations feel great and I will definitely be back for my dental implants in the future as I have already been reimbursed with my American dental insurance.

I did eventually make it back to the states and all is well here. I am expecting my twins in one to two weeks and I am soooo happy that I am going to parenthood with good dental health!

Thanks Again,

Annie Wood

Dear travelandsmile,

I was blown away with the standard of the clinic, and the care was out of this world. It made my home dentists (Scotland) look like a basic back street outfit!! Upon returning home my own dentist was suitably impressed with the work done, and said to get that quality done in the UK I'd be thinking about remortgaging my house!

I got root canal treatments, a crown, some 1/2 crowns, an extraction and a couple of fillings- so a real mixture of treatments, cannot recommend highly enough!!

Will be back!

Kirsty McCarroll, Scotland

Dear Dr Yuen & Team,

I sincerely want to thank all of you for giving me the best dental experience of my life and a smile more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!

From the first contact with Lloyd - the International Coordinator – to the final appointment with Dr Yuen, everything was top drawer. The treatment I received was far advanced compared to anything I had received in the US. I will not be having any further treatment in the US. From now on, its only Dr Yuen. THANK YOU

Robert W Sefton, USA

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Travel and Smile



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