Taiwan Medical Professionals, the Target of Head Hunter


Taiwan is again loosing a tremendous numbers of medical professionals after heavy emigration to Japan and United States in the 20th century. China and Singapore head hunters have been actively recruiting medical professionals from Taiwan to fill their needs.


China is looking for a full range of advanced and experienced medical professionals from Taiwan. The new Beijing healthcare project alone has an opening of 300 to 400 positions exclusive for educators, medical school presidents, physicians, specialists, nurses, head nurses, clinical nurse specialists, superintendents, management personnel, and healthcare center CEO and others from Taiwan. China offers an average of 20% to 30% higher wages for the same position in Taiwan.


Ministry of Health Singapore has realized that recruiting foreign physicians including Taiwanese medical doctors could not solve their intensifying problems in medical practitioner shortages. The shortage in physician work force has had worsen to the extent that a Taiwanese physician has been experiencing long period of 24 hours on-call duties. The longest stay in the on-call room he had was more than a month. In an effort to increase recruitment and retention of a sufficient supply of physicians, Minister for Health Singapore proposed to the congress to offer high wages and benefits to overseas graduates and trained Singaporean physicians. However, Singaporean physicians still hesitate to respond to their mother country for they believe patient rights, humanity, quality, medical ethics and hospital environments are much more important factors than efficiency, net revenue, profits and regulations that Singaporean hospitals are emphasized on.


Japan is considering recruitment of Taiwanese obstetrician, gynecologist and pediatrician to alleviate the serious shortages of the specialists in general hospitals. Yomiuri Shimbun, the newspaper that is credited with having the largest newspaper circulation in the world, reported there are up to 76% of the general hospitals in Japan could not employ adequate number of specialists. Most of the government run, public general hospitals of all levers were no longer offering Obstetrics and Gynecology services while private sectors had had to close down their Pediatrics departments. Psychiatry, Otolaryngology and Dermatology were the third, forth and fifth specialties that after Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics in demand.

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Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel


Taiwan, United States


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