New technological advancement that redefines mobility for international health insurance


Integra Global a leading provider of Expatriate Medical cover, in conjunction with LAMP Insurance Company Limited, has recently launched its new portfolio of products with a host of innovative added membership benefits which makes their cover highly innovative. As a part of their cover they are leading the ability for customers to be able to manage their own medical records.

Medical and insurance records are truly portable with the Integra Global electronic health record account, powered by Zaptag. The online system allows customers to keep all their medical records in one secure place, uploaded securely on one portable USB Smart medical card.

The flexibility of the system allows individuals to manage their account to meet their needs and lifestyle. Individuals can securely collate their medical information such as immunisations, allergies, blood group, medications and conditions, together with the ability to record and track essential body stats such as blood pressures, sugar levels and weight.

Additionally registered scan centres, physiotherapists and private doctors can post health information directly to their customers secure online medical record. Records can be sent straight from the doctor’s desktop to a patient’s online Integra Global account, at a touch of a button. Consultation notes, images and scans can then be immediately available.

Juggling between two or three different countries and the multiple ways of practicing health demands specialized services. Integra Global meets these demands with a comprehensive health plan that gives customers access to centers of medical excellence around the world - and all at the touch of a button at

Philip Catterton. Managing Director of Integra Global comments: “ the online health record account is a fantastic plan enhancement for our global members. Many of our members have been on numerous expat assignments and hence have physicians in several different locations. Trying to keep track of health records was a nightmare for them. Now, our health plan members have an innovative tool that enables the management of their health records with medical providers located worldwide such as in the United States, China or the U.K. “

The added functionality of the Zaptag account makes the package a lifeline particularly for expatriates and their families when traveling away from their home medical environment and for medical staff to check critical medical information in the event of a medical emergency.

Ian Galllifant CEO of Zaptag Ltd comments: “our partnership with Integra Global is delivering the Zaptag service to customers on a global scale and providing clear health benefits.

The service is available at


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