Taiwan Tourism Bureau combines medical and entertainment industries to market Taiwan


Taiwan’s street gourmet, nature beauty, entertainment industry, what are the true attractions of Taiwan’s tourism? Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau will be coordinated with six new industries as a top-notch pioneering scheme to add more characters to Taiwan’s tourism, hoping cosmetic tourism, entertaining industry and cultural trips will help Taiwan to attract more tourists.

In order to reach 4-million visitors and to create 400-thousand jobs, the Tourism Bureau prepared to add more characters into Taiwan’s tourism, including rediscover the original tourist routes, develop new markets abroad, strengthen cross-industry alliances and improve national tourism system.

Tourism Bureau pointed out that the main problem in Taiwan tourism lies in the insufficient integration of tourism resources, and the tourist attractions are not as well-known as Thailand and Japan. Therefore, the Tourism Bureau presented five schemes to make Taiwan a major tourist destination in Asia: Beauty Taiwan, Characterize Taiwan, Friendly Taiwan, Quality Taiwan and Marketing Taiwan.

The Beauty Taiwan scheme will focus on 13 major tourist routes, using innovative ideas to give old attractions new lives, the routes including northern coast, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Hualien and Taitung, …etc. The Bureau proceeds to improve the surroundings, building coastal green fields and bicycle paths…etc. The characterize Taiwan scheme focuses on developing new attractions, such as health care tourism, sports tourism, star chasing tours, eco-tourism, agricultural tourism and cultural learning trips.

In addition, in order to make travel information services more convenient to visitors, the Tourism Bureau now cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom to set up a 24-hour toll-free tourism hotline which offers information in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. They also counseled local government and relevant agencies at the airport, train stations and other important transportation nodes to build a unified information (‘i’) booth to provide instant travel information and to create a friendly image of Taiwan.

On one hand, Tourism Bureau will also enhance the quality of the practitioners of the hospitality industry in Taiwan;the other hand, they will enhance international marketing on Taiwan’s tourism, such as inviting foreign journalists to come to visit, and also advertising in foreign public transportations.

Tourism bureau said that Taiwan will integrate different industries, and using diverse resources to give Taiwan tourism new characters. Visiting Taiwan is no longer just touched on, but with deep and multi-cultural experiences.

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Samantha Fang




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