Asian Medical Tourism Association (AMTA) established


At a recent meeting in Phuket , Thailand , a new association was formed – the Asian Association of Medical Tourism (AAMT). It has been formed because of the growing medical tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. In the past, Asia pacific has been the benchmark in the setting of standards for both medical facilities and patient’s care. With the emerging trend of more people entering into the medical tourism industry in the region, it seemed to be only prudent that the Asia Pacific must have its own medical tourism association to maintain the high standards that has already been achieved. 

The Association is to be non-profit 

The association shall not show favoritism to any one member over another 

The association shall produce an information flow (online newsletter on a regular basis) 

The association shall network with other organizations with only the best interests of its members in mind. 

The association shall act as a database coordinator with research relevant to the medical tourism industry 

Aims and Goals of AAMT

To foster and grow the medical tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region 

To act as an advocate for members to develop a better understanding of medical tourism 

To help develop standards in line with the culture and economic needs of its members 

To lend advice and provide information that may help our members further grow the interest in medical tourism industry 

To provide a forum for our members to openly discuss issues relevant to all sectors of medical tourism industry 

To act as a voice of medical tourism industry throughout all Asia 

During this meeting, it was decided that the Asian Association of Medical Tourism will fully endorse and support the upcoming conference, The World Medical Health Tourism Conference: A New Way Forward in 2009 to be held locally at Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort in September 16-18, 2009. Furthermore, it was announced that a 30% discount on the conference registration fee will be extended to certified members of the AAMT; therefore, all members are encouraged to attend the said event and they can register by directly contacting the event organizer at [email protected] 

With the emergence of India , South Korea , Thailand and others surpassing many other countries in their patient care, the association will be the home of knowledge or people within the medical tourism industry. 

On September 2009, the first full meeting of all members of the association will take place in Phuket , Thailand . Mr. McCallacan, interim president extends an open invitation to all prospective members and interested parties within the medical industry to join AMTA at no cost in the first 12 months.

Author / Source

Lira Nueza



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