Men with high DNA fragmentation can now achieve their own children; according to Biomaternity research

The researchers of Biomaternity, the well-known and esteemed fertility specialists in Athens, Greece, have identified a breakthrough in fertility treatment. According to the research findings, the good quality of oocytes taken from egg donors below 28 years of age could fix serious issues of sperm quality, as it has been proven that it does not affect the development of embryos, using time-lapse technology, and in addition, it does not affect the development of pregnancy.

The above research findings are going to be presented at the ESHRE Annual Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland between 2 and 5 July 2017. The presentation under the title “The reproductive outcome of donor ICSI cycles and embryo morphokinetic parameters are not compromised by high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation” is creating a breakthrough in fertility treatment since it allows men who until now relied on sperm donation to achieve their own children using egg donors.

BIOMATERNITY Fertility Specialists is a specialized team of well-established scientists in the fields of assisted reproduction, infertility management, including IVF and all current techniques, reproductive endocrinology and with a vast experience in recurrent miscarriages and fertility preservation. It is located and operates in Athens, Greece at REA maternity hospital and is the point of contact of thousands of international couples and single women looking for individualized fertility care.

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BIOMATERNITY is a renowned clinic specialising in infertility services located in Athens, the capital city of Greece. The clinic is highly regarded among international patients as a centre of clinical excellence, and provides a comprehensive range of treatments including: in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), in-vitro maturation (IVM), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and an extended egg,  embryo and sperm donation programme with no-waiting list.

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