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Based in Barcelona, the IM CLINIC is among the top 5 gender-affirming surgery clinics in the world. They also perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and are known for their exceptional patient care and spectacular results. The founder and CEO of the clinic is Dr Ivan Mañero, a world-famous gender-affirming surgeon and cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years experience of in delivering first-rate care.

If you are looking for quality, personalization and innovation based in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, then look no further. Unlike other surgeons, IM CLINIC has its own surgery rooms meaning the team can stay in the surgery room with you as long as needed to achieve the desired long-lasting results.

IM CLINIC has personalized packs for international patients including transfers from/to the airport, intelligent suites, spectacular meals, a caring nursing team and a personal 24/7 patient coordinator guiding you through the whole process from the initial consultation to post-op check-ups. All this is possible while ensuring that it is cost-effective. In addition to this, IM CLINIC provides IM Days to international patients making the surgery for qualifying patients even more affordable!

Dr Ivan Mañero – Founder and gender-affirming surgeries specialist.

Dr Ivan Mañero is a pioneer in Europe in Transgender Health with extensive knowledge in cosmetic and plastic surgeries. He began his education in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and practised plastic surgery in Brazil, England and Spain. He is a member of SECPRE (Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery), ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery), ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), EPATH (European Professional Association for Transgender Health) and WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) among other organizations.

Under Dr Ivan Mañero’s leadership, IM CLINIC has an impressive team of face, body and gender-affirming surgery specialists, psychologists, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, and patient care professionals. They use the latest techniques and technologies to provide an excellent standard of care.


The best medical team also requires the best equipment. IM CLINIC has intelligent surgery rooms monitored 24/7 with the latest technologies providing the highest standard of cleanliness to ensure maximum safety. Once the surgery is complete, you are taken to a smart VIP suite to relax and recover. If that is not enough, we offer all post-op check-ups free of charge and you can also finish your trip by exploring what Barcelona has to offer.

Costs for sex reassignment and cosmetic surgeries

IM CLINIC specialises in a variety of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, designed to improve the patients quality of life. These procedures include:

Treatment/Procedure Prices starting from (GBP) Treatment/Procedure Prices starting from (GBP)
Face Feminisation Surgery 2590 Labia reduction hoodoplasty 3490
Face Masculinisation Surgery 2590 Lipedema 3490
Abdominal Etching* 3890 Masculinising Lipo 1790
Breast implants and chest feminisation MTF* 4960 Mons reduction (lipo only)* 2590
Brow lift 2590 Orchiectomy (testicles removal) 2590
Buttock lift 5112 Phalloplasty (creation of Phallus)* 20490
Calf augmentation 3490 Pectoral implants 3890
Cheek augmentation 1700 Penoscrotal webbing and uplift 4290
Chin augmentation 1700 Perineoplasty 3490
Cheiloplasty (lipo reduction) 1450 Top surgery (chest masculinisation included)* 6790
Circumcision* 990 Feminising rhinoplasty 3880
Clitoral hood reduction 1700 Masculinising rhinoplasty 3880
Clitoroplasty (creation of clitoris) 2590 Scrotoplasty (creation of scrotum with testicular implants) 2550
Gynaecomastia* 4190 Sex reassignment surgery MTF 13636
Genital reshaping 1700 Thyroplasty 2130
Genital Depth 12900 Testicle implants 2500
Hairline lowering Vary based on consultation Tracheal shave (Adams Apple Shaving) 3146
Jaw recontouring 2500 Vaginoplasty with penile inversion* 12785
Labia reduction 2130
*Fixed prices exclusive to Treatment Abroad®

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Opening hours

  24 hour opening


Liability insurance  : No


Contact details

Main Phone: 
Email: [email protected]