3D liposculpture, a liposuction for impressive 6-pack

Why get 'liposculpture' liposuction

Many people presenting localized fat to different parts of their body try to lose it by intensively working out or dieting. After some time they realize that this fat is resistant to this type of treatment. They lose weight, they improve their physical conditions but the localized fat persists. They feel depressed because after all this effort they have not been able to obtain the body shape that they desire so much. 
These people deserve a better body shape because they are working on it. Unfortunately genetic factors do not help them. Liposuction (or better liposculpture) can be of a huge help in these cases. 
The reason for which the exercised muscles do not reveal their shape is that they are covered by localized fat genetically predisposed to be there. So there are two options. One is to remove this fat. It will give the opportunity to the muscle to reveal its shape. The second is to use this existing fat in order to emphasize the shape of the muscle. 

Types of available liposuction 

The first option is obtained by a liposuction treatment. There are different methods of liposuction. Technology can offer a lot in this field. So we have (follow link for more information about each advanced liposuction method) laser liposuction, Vaser liposuction, power assisted liposuction etc. According to this method the localized fat is removed permanently and the muscle stops to be hidden behind a thick layer of fat. 
The second option is to emphasize the shape of the muscle. The abdominal muscles present recessing and protruding areas. 3D liposculpture is a method based on identifying these areas and making them more evident. During the procedure the plastic surgeon performs a more intensive liposuction to the recessing areas and less or no liposuction to the protruding areas. It is of paramount importance to be able to identify these areas. These are possible through the use of ultrasound diagnosis or just by palpation because this method is addressed to people that have already shaped muscles. It is important to say that the 3D liposuction is not for overweight people, but only for those who already have a good body shape and want to make it better.  3D liposuction can be performed to both males and females. For the females not much shaping of the muscles is advised, because we aim to a more feminized smooth shape. Based to strict selection of the candidates and diligent performing of the procedure the results can be impressive.

Author profile

Dr Athanasios Christopoulos is a plastic surgeon with over 28years' experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. He is the director and owner of Aesthetic Anaplasis, a reputable plastic surgery clinic located in Athens, Greece. He is the Scientific Director of Advanced Plastic Surgery & Laser Clinic in Dubai. Dr Christopoulos is a certified plastic surgeon in Greece and in Dubai, a member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), a member of ELITOUR and has worked in United Kingdom (England and Wales), USA (New York), UAE (Dubai) and Greece. 


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