Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest: Dental treatment in Hungary

At Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest in Hungary their aim is to provide accessible, high quality dental care at affordable prices. Treatments available include dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays, teeth whitening and root canal treatment.

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About Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest

When you choose Helvetic Clinics, you are selecting the expertise of one of the best European dental clinics available. 

Helvetic Dental Clinics stand out from the crowd by offering the highest quality of care from experienced dentists, using the most modern equipment, following strict guidelines that have been established in Switzerland.

At Helvetic Clinics, patients receive a personal assessment and follow-up from the same dentist who performed the procedure.

Helvetic Clinics offer guarantees that exceed those on offer from most other dental clinics in Europe.

Budapest is one Europe's most beautiful cities with a thousand-year history and culture, its architecture having been preserved despite the two world wars.

Highly experienced dentists in Hungary

The dentists at Helvetic Dental Clinics are highly experienced, having practiced for many years at some of the top dental clinics in Budapest dedicated to dental tourism. Regardless of the nature of your dental problems, Helvetic Clinic’s dentists will have treated similar (or worse) cases.

The team of five dentists in Budapest is led by Doctor Peter Lukacs.

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Free dental consultation in Budapest

Helvetic Dental Clinics believe strongly that the initial consultation should be with your intended dentist, rather than with a local practice in your own country. They have outstanding equipment and facilities to guarantee an accurate diagnosis and determine the best treatment plan for you. 

They offer the following exceptional package to prospective patients:

Dental treatments available at Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest

Dental Implants






Teeth Whitening

Root canal treatments



Sinus lift

Bone graft

Gnathological Treatment

Arcus Digma



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How much does it cost to go to Budapest for cosmetic dentistry?

Typically you can save around two thirds of the price of equivalent treatment in the UK. A sample of the prices for treatment at Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest is given below. Please refer to their website for more dental cost information.


Helvetic price

Typical UK price


Simple extraction




Root canal treatment




Inlay / Onlay E-Max




Zirconium crown




E-Max veneer




Alpha Bio implant




Astratech implant





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