Dental Holidays Crete: Cosmetic and general dental treatment in Greece

The dental clinic in Crete, Greece, offers the full range of cosmetic and general dental treatments and surgeries at a state-of-the-art facility boasting high-tech infrastructure and experienced staff. Using the latest equipment, Dental Holidays Crete offers the most up-to-date methods of treatment, in the least painful and most economical way possible.

Why choose the dental clinic in Greece?

•    Appointments lasting about an hour, meaning fewer delays
•    Shorter waiting times
•    Fewer necessary clinic visits
•    A time schedule of 5-12 working days
•    High-tech infrastructure
•    High-quality services ensured by a commitment to having experienced staff
•    Affordable prices (40% to 70% lower than in Europe/USA)

Dental treatments offered

International Patients

Dental Holidays Crete has an easy process for you to follow, in order to make your treatment journey as smooth as possible.

The clinic is easily accessible, with direct flights to Crete being available from most major European airports.

Fluent English-speaking staff

There is also no language barrier as the staff at the clinic speak fluent English.

Great value treatment plans are proposed, with emphasis placed on the expectations of the patient.

Patients also benefit from the opportunity to see the results of their treatments on plaster models created using moulds from their own mouths.

Your treatment is reassessed throughout your journey to ensure that you will receive the best outcome.

Payment can be made either with cash or via credit card, with the option of making payment in installments.

Dental Holidays Crete
Dental clinic in Crete
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