Navigating Dental Tourism: How cheap should you go?


In the pursuit of cost-effective dental tourism and the respective procedures, popular destinations like Turkey and Mexico may seem appealing. However, it is crucial to prioritize safety and understand the potential risks associated with seeking dental treatment abroad at minimal cost.

While some readers might recognize the term “Turkey Teeth” from its prevalence in viral TikTok videos, others may be unfamiliar with it. This phrase is employed sarcastically to underscore the unnatural appearance of teeth obtained through the application of crowns or veneers.

Such cosmetic procedures frequently involve sacrificing a significant portion, up to 70%, of healthy and natural teeth. This step is irreversible – enamel does not regenerate. The result?
A permanent sacrifice of natural teeth to attain the desired ” Hollywood Smile.”

As patients and clients have various options in different countries, thorough research is paramount.  The price tag must not be the only criterion. At the end of the day the cheaper price might be costly to your health.

Helping clients to find their personal optimum of cost and benefits

GDS Clinic reflects WTT’s commitment to a business model centered on high-quality care. In a clear procedure our dentists provide information about the veneers and reasons why a patient might need to exercise caution before opting for it:

  • With a thorough first consultation, the dentist assesses the patient’s oral health, discusses their cosmetic goals, and determines if veneers are a suitable option because tooth preparation involves the removal of enamel by drilling, which is irreversible. Once the tooth enamel is removed, it does not regenerate. Patients should be aware that getting veneers is a lifelong commitment, as the procedure permanently alters the natural tooth structure.
  • The treatment plan is formulated based on the patient’s individual needs and desired outcome, considering factors such as tooth color, shape, size, and the overall aesthetics of the smile, as well as the financial assessment for the future because veneers, while durable, are not permanent. Typically, they need replacement every 5–15 years, depending on factors like wear, lifestyle, and oral hygiene. Moreover, maintenance, including regular check-ups and professional cleanings, is crucial to prolong the lifespan of veneers. Therefore, the patient should carefully weigh the long-term costs against the expected benefits.
  • The impressions, or digital scans, of the prepared teeth are taken to create custom veneers that fit precisely over the treated teeth.
  • Once the permanent veneers are ready, the dentist checks their fit and color before bonding them to the teeth using a strong dental adhesive. The bonding process may involve etching the tooth’s surface to enhance the adhesive’s effectiveness. The dentist makes any necessary final adjustments to ensure the veneers align properly and meet the patient’s expectations.
  • The most important is the oral health impact. While veneers are primarily a cosmetic solution, patients must maintain good oral hygiene to prevent issues like gum disease. Poor oral care can compromise the longevity of veneers and lead to complications.

Prioritizing your Safety and Quality Care

One of the primary reasons dental treatments are deemed safer in Portugal is the presence of stringent regulatory standards. EU countries, including Portugal, adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring that patients receive an elevated level of treatment.

Dentists and dental professionals within the EU are obliged to meet specific educational and training standards. This guarantees that our Portuguese practitioners possess the necessary skills and knowledge to provide safe and effective dental care.

Patients receiving dental treatment in Portugal benefit from legal protections in case of complications. EU countries have established processes for addressing complaints and seeking compensation for medical negligence, offering an additional layer of security.

In conclusion, whether seeking dental work in Portugal or elsewhere, prioritizing safety and quality care is paramount. Some individuals make decisions solely based on the lowest price, but the potential costs of subpar dental work can be substantial. While dental veneers can provide a Hollywood smile transformation, patients should approach the decision with careful consideration of the irreversible nature of the procedure, potential long-term implications, and available alternatives.

WTT Portugal stands for a reliable option, offering a network of top-notch dentists.

Experience the joy of a healthy, beautiful smile in the enchanting city of Porto, and feel free to reach out to us for more information.

About WTT Portugal

Wellness Travel Therapy (WTT) is a medical and dental tourism facilitator that works with highly qualified partners in the fields of dentistry and plastic surgery to offer personalised medical treatments and wellness experiences in Portugal.


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