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Who is Praga Medica?

Praga Medica is a trusted expert in treatment abroad, a leader in medical tourism for clients who are seeking medical treatment outside of their home country due to cost, time, or availability. Praga Medica arranges health procedures with their partner clinics and provides client support, individual and highly-personalised care, coordinates travel arrangements, appointments, and treatment procedures.

Why Praga Medica?

  • Praga Medica cooperates with the best, highly qualified and accredited doctors and surgeons who speak your language
  • Excellent value for a quality
  • Multilingual consultants will look after all your needs from start to finish
  • No waiting list needed as you can schedule your procedure at your earliest convenience
  • Amazing destination in the Czech Republic, one of the most attractive European countries
  • Highly ranked on Trustpilot

Contact Us:

Toll FREE UK: 0800 011 9822


Address: Plzenska 155/113, Prague 5



Vision Correction

Praga Medica provides a wide range of vision surgery options at the best clinics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Professional and trustful way how to improve your vision or to get rid of your glasses within days.

Fertility Treatment

Praga Medica offers various kinds of fertility treatments that help to accomplish your biggest dreams.


With modern medical treatments, almost nothing is impossible. Highly skilled dentists can help you to achieve the perfect smile. Praga Medica offers dental implants, crowns, veneers, and complementary procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery

Together with board-certified surgeons at partner clinics, Praga Medica will explore your cosmetic goals and will help you to find the best treatment.


Praga Medica is a leading provider in minimally invasive robotic-assisted prostatectomy at one of the most modern Robotic Surgery Centre in the Czech Republic.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery with Praga Medica is the first-class medical treatment in the Czech Republic at affordable prices.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Praga Medica is one of the best providers in a range of orthopaedic treatments, including full hip replacement, full knee replacement, and rehabilitation procedures abroad.


Praga Medica provides a wide range of medical procedures and treatments in cooperation with the best doctors and clinics in the Czech Republic.

Vision correction

Cataract surgery

price per eye from 845 Euro

Laser eye surgery

price per eye from 650 Euro

Laser-Assisted Lens Replacement Using LenSx

price per eye from 1495 Euro

Phakic ICL (Implantable Collamer Lenses)

from 1400 Euro

Intraocular Lens Replacement

price per eye from 845 Euro

Fertility treatment

Egg Donation

from 4300 Euro

Embryo Donation

from 1800 Euro

IVF Fertility Treatment

from 2390 Euro


from 2390 Euro


from 2540 Euro

Mesa, Tese Surgery

from 1200 Euro


Aesthetic Dentistry

from 349 Euro

Dental Implants

from 1043 Euro

Full Mouth Reconstruction

from 15 000 Euro

Cosmetic surgery

Breast Surgeries

from 2450 Euro

Body Reshaping

from 2645 Euro


from 800 Euro

Upper and Lower Eye Lids

from 950 Euro

Nose Surgery

from 1350 Euro


from 1250 Euro

Favourite cosmetic surgery combinations

from 2950 Euro

Orthopaedic surgery

Hip Replacement

from 8500 Euro

Knee Replacement

from 8500 Euro


Robotic Prostatectomy

from 12 000 Euro

Weight Loss surgery

Gastric Sleeve

5400 Euro

Gastric Sleeve Robotic Surgery

6900 Euro

Countries where treatment is provided

  • Czech Republic



Contact details

Toll FREE UK: 
Email: [email protected]