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About MediCzech

MediCzech is a leading Czech medical tourism facilitator providing top quality services and offering bariatric surgery packages and a full range of cosmetic surgery treatments in Prague, Czech Republic at the OB Klinika and the OB Care Klinika.

Medical Care in the Czech Republic

OB Klinika is a top modern and internationally acclaimed surgical clinic in Prague. OB Klinika is a private Center for Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders and offers high-quality medical services in bariatric and aesthetic surgery. Apart from specialised outpatient treatment, OB Klinika has a superb operating theatres, ward and emergency ward.

The top level of treatment is guaranteed by Prof. Dr. Martin Fried, PhD, CEO and Head of OB Klinika. Internationally acclaimed expert in bariatric and laparoscopic surgery, the first surgeon in the world to fit a non-adjustable gastric band laparoscopically on an obese patient.

MediCzech offers aesthetic treatment with a highly specialized team led by Dr Martin




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