Polish dentists make the tourist world go round

For some time now, it has no longer been Cracow’s famous castle of Wawel that mostly attracted foreign tourists to visit Poland, but, strangely enough, teeth. Polish based dental clinic, Dentim Europe explore why more and more and tourists choose to visit Poland for high quality dental treatment. 

More and more foreigners come to Poland for a, so called, “Dental Holiday”, which literally stands for their getting new teeth combined with doing some sightseeing. According to Dentim Europe Katowice, the number of  “Dentourists” is said to be going up by 40%, only during the summertime. For quite a few years now, Poland has been one of the most commonly  “dentally-visited” countries. Not only are we popular among patients from Germany and the UK, but also Scandinavian and Canadian ones.

Poland “up-to-dent”

So as an ordinary American usually chooses Mexico or Costa Rica as his dental destination, patients from western Europe confide their teeth in Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech or Croatian dentists’ hands. These 5 countries represent the cream of the most popular “holidental” directions in Europe. What is more, Poland is also highly appreciated taking the worldwide dental tourism into consideration. Located in the eighth place in the World league table, it is almost breathing down Mexico’s Dubai’s and the Philippines’ necks.

High-flying treatment, low prices

What particularly attracts foreigners  are distinctly lower costs of dental services, which result in discounts up to 30-60% in comparison with prices for the same kind of treatment in UK, Germany or Sweden. Prices for the same dental implants with porcelain crown in England, for instance, may vary considerably in favour of the Polish ones, allowing you to economize up to 3,000€ on a single item, thus increasing the number of foreigners who choose Poland as their dental treatment destination. 

Dentourism, as one of the leading branches in medical business in our country is not only drummed up by lower treatment, flights and accommodation prices, but also by favorable reviews about the quality of service and the competence of Polish dentists

Thanks to that” says D.D.S. Wojciech Fąferko from Dentim Europe,Katowice “we’ve recently had an opportunity to host a number of more demanding patients from Scandinavia, Canada or even Australia and to meet all their expectations successfully.”

Killing two birds with one (dental) stone

Remarkably, there is one more reason why patients from abroad visit Poland so eagerly during the summertime, as our dentists suggest. Lots of these newcomers combine the need of dental appointment with their desire to do some sightseeing in Poland. "More than half of all foreign patients are willing to expand their stay by sightseeing our country at the same time” adds Wojciech Fąferko. It means that a single visit may last for a little longer than just the time of the treatment itself. Therefore, more and more Dental Clinics propose so-called Treatment & Travel bundles, which contain everything from flight booking, accommodation, renting a car with a private driver and, finally, a wide variety of excursions and ideas for spending time between  succeeding appointments.

Visitors from abroad are particularly interested in seeing the landmarks of the area. Taking Katowice, for example, they usually  tour Cracow, “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, a 16th century small Town - Kazimierz located on the Vistula River, Auschwitz concentration camp or the Silesian Trail of Technology. Some of them, moreover, opt for taking part in cultural events offered by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra or attending the Silesian Museum exhibitions, both  located in the heart of Katowice.

Seems like lots of effort to host dental visitors in our country? Indeed it is. But the game is definitely worth a candle since an average patient usually spends around 3,000 to 5,000 € on one treatment. Sometimes, the total cost of the whole therapy may reach up to even 12,000€.

A Dentourist’s delineation

So far, we have been informed how much profit connected with a single patient from abroad can be expected, but who is this average visitor and what kind of treatment does he or she mostly decide on?

The vast majority of our guests are represented by the British – they set up to 60% of the whole newcomers. Then, come Germans – their contribution to the Dentourism is amounted to 30%. The residual 10% is shared between visitors from Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Italy and, even more willingly, but still intermittently, Canadian and Australian ones. 

Among the most commonly chosen treatments we can list implant therapy, prosthetic therapy and root canal treatment. Moreover, teeth bleaching and dental veneers have recently also grown in popularity. Polish dental service offers comparable or higher level of treatment and material involved, comparing to other European countries, at affordable price due to significantly lower labour costs in Poland. “We are commonly visited by patients from countries, where dentists’ earnings are sorely high and thus, contribute to the enormous final cost, making up to 70% of it. That is why an average Briton, German or Swede cannot afford dental service in their country and chooses ours so eagerly”  explains Wojciech Fąferko. 


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Dentim Europe in Katowice, Poland is a modern dental clinic specialising in implant restorations and cosmetic dentistry. As well as providing standard dental treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and bridges, root canal treatment, gum disease treatment and dental implant surgery, they offer a range of specialist packages and dental treatment programmes aimed at smile restoration and rejuvenation.


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