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As a growing number of women desire to have bigger breasts, Clinic Beaucare , a specialist in breast augmentation offers advice and important information on what you need to consider when opting for breast enhancement treatment. 

A large number of women aspire to having bigger and/or firmer breasts. There may be a number of reasons behind this. The breasts may always have been underdeveloped, or they may have decreased in size and become less firm over time, as in the case of one or more pregnancies. As every woman has a different view of her body, the idea of the "right" breast size is a very subjective one and such evaluations are highly personal. What one woman thinks is "too little" can be "standard" in the mind of another. It is thus necessary to establish case by case if the breasts are undersized or not firm enough and if a breast operation to correct this is justifiable.  

The guiding principle is that a lady should contemplate breast augmentation at Clinic Beaucare because it is something she wants, because she is not happy with the way her breasts look. A desire for a breast augmentation procedure should not be motivated by wanting to satisfy or keep an other half. The putting in place of silicone breast implants is a fast and effective way of enlarging the breasts and provides a durable result. There is no method known in current science of breast augmentation that is able to achieve the same results.

When can a breast enlargement procedure take place?

Generally speaking, women are only considered for breast enlargement surgery if it can be stated with certainty that there is no chance that the cleavage will undergo any further development. This can therefore be established, at the earliest, at about age 18 years. Practically speaking, a lot of women contemplate a breast enlargement procedure after having given birth, aged 30 to 40 years. Breast enlargement costs are not covered by medical cost insurance policies.

Disadvantages of breast silicone implants

The human body reacts to the insertion of a foreign body by encapsulating it with a layer of binding tissue. The body, therefore, forms a capsule of binding tissue around each breast implant. For reasons not known as yet, this capsule may shrink. In medical terms, this is a totally innocuous phenomenon. This can however lead to unusually rounded and firm breasts. The reduction in size of the capsule may represent a medical accident that calls for a corrective breast procedure after a given period of time. Mammary implants are resistant.

As with other technical methods however, they may suffer wear and tear, albeit to a very small degree. In the long run, the implants may become porous. Breast implants will therefore need to be replaced in the long term. It is not however possible to give a precise time frame. Silicone breast implants were called into question in the 1990s. Indeed, some women stated that they fell ill as a result of the silicone. Cases of auto-immune disease such as rheumatism and chronic fatigue were put down to these implants. Although large scientific research projects have been carried out in this area, there has never been any objective proof. It has not been possible to observe a difference in the state of health of groups of women with and without breast implants.

The medical view today is that no proof has been provided that silicone breast implants represent a general health risk. Nevertheless, any procedure under anesthetic involves a certain number of risks, including hemorrhage and inflammation. Feeling in the nipple may undergo a change. It may become over-sensitive or it may no longer be sensitive at all.

The breast procedure

The surgical breast procedure is carried out under anaesthetic with a one-day stay in hospital. A 4-5 centimetre incision is made in the fold underneath the breast. Just under the mammary gland or below the chest muscle, a cavity is created and the implant is inserted into it. The breast is raised but stays intact. It is therefore possible to breastfeed and there is no increased risk of breast cancer. The breast implants are placed between the mammary gland and the chest muscle, or beneath the chest muscle, directly onto the ribs. In consultation with you, the plastic surgeon will establish the method that is most appropriate for you. Once the breast operation is over, a water resistant bandage is put on and you will be wearing a special support bra.

Aftercare for breast enlargement

After breast enlargement surgery, the breasts may be sensitive and a little tense. The feeling of discomfort eases after a few days. When you leave the hospital, a consultation appointment can be arranged for check-up purposes. During this appointment, the stitches are removed if required. We advise that a homecare assistant be called upon for the first week back in the home. The wearing of a brassier is recommended day and night during the first four weeks after the procedure.  All movements that may be made without pain are permitted. For the first six to eight weeks after the operation, we do not advise you to participate in any sporting activities, carry any loads and raise your arms above your head. A careful breast massage with a cream or lotion may relax the scar after the stitches have been removed. You will be told when to do this by your plastic surgeon.

Results of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a justifiable medical procedure that often leads to fantastic results and very happy patients. Click here to receive personalised professional advice on breast augmentation from Clinic Beaucare.


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